Geneseo Volleyball wins 1, loses 1

Claudia Loucks
Claudia Loucks
High school volleyball promo.

After having three matches on three nights in a row, and only one day off, Geneseo Volleyball was off to compete against Sterling and Sandwich at Sterling on Saturday, April 17. The team finished the day with a win and a loss - losing to Sterling, 17-25 and 22-25, and beating Sandwich, 25-15 and 25-21.

The GHS team had lost to Sterling earlier this month and Coach Casey Komel said, “We knew going into the Sterling game that it was going to be a tough match. They are back-to-back state champions and their roster hasn’t changed too much over the past few years.”

After playing them earlier this month, Komel said she and her team had a good idea of what to expect from Sterling “and they definitely played a good match,” she added. “Our girls played possibly the very best game of volleyball ever. The defense did amazing on the net, getting a handful of blocks to gain some momentum during the match. Then the back row kept things going with playable balls. Our offense also did great at placing the ball. I can’t say enough great things about how all of the girls played.”

Going up against Sandwich, the Leafs did not know a lot about the team, but Komel said, “We knew we had to refocus quickly to manage the match. After giving their all against Sterling, it helped having a 24-person roster to be able to finish out the game.”

The Geneseo team is at 15-2 overall and 10-2 in the Western Big 6 conference.

Stats in the Sterling Game:

-Kills – Abbi Barickman, 8; Hannah Copeland, 5, and Cadence Talbert 4.

-Aces – Maddi Barickman, 1.

-Assists – Maddi Barickman, 10, and Addie Dunker, 8.

-Digs – Maggi Weller, 8; Addie Dunker, 6, and Maddi Barickman, 6.

-Blocks – Hannah Copeland, 3, Emma Frank, 2, Brenna McGuire, 2, and Maddi Barickman, 2.

Stats in the Sandwich Game:

-Kills – Hannah Copeland, 9, Abbi Barickman, 7, and Brenna McGuire, 2.

-Aces – Maddi Barickman, 4, Maggi Weller, 1, and Abbi Barickman, 1.

-Assists – Addie Dunker, 9, and Maddi Barickman, 9.

-Digs – Maggi Weller 8, Esther Brown, 6, and Maddi Barickman, 5.

-Blocks – Brenna McGuire, 2, Abbi Barickman, 1, and Emma Frank, 1.