Galva to leave Mid County Co-Op

Carol Townsend
Carol Townsend

Friday nights homecoming game in Galva will be the last football game that Galva will play with as a Mid County Cougar and the last football game in the Lincoln Trail Conference. The Junior varsity play Monday night, and that will be their last game.

Superintendent Doug O’Riley reported to the board that the contract was not signed for Galva School district to be included anymore in the Mid County  Co-Op contract. O’Riley said the co-op had been “very successful” and included football, cross country and golf. The three districts were Galva, ROWVA and Williamsfield.

“We had very little friction.” noted O’Riley.

The co-op had started in 2009 and there were half the games in Oneida and half in Galva according to O’Riley.

In the new contract to be signed this year, they wanted all games back in Oneida.

O’Riley said that he was notified that they were deeply insulted and would not sign the contract with Galva.

“I truly believe that our board has not tried to cause problems.”

The co-op had asked Galva to approve earlier this year to co-op all sports. There was a very short time span to sign

the contract and Galva said they needed time to study this idea. They didn’t have time to get the word out to the community to get their reaction.

Kurtis Smyth , Galva’s athletic director said Tuesday afternoon that Galva presently had 7 boys and 5 girls on the Mid County Golf team, Galva had 8 high school boys out for on the Mid County football team , five boys on the Mid County junior high football team and noone presently on the Cross Country team.

“We have other neighbors, that we partner with in education.” Said O’Riley.

He also stated that 8 man football is getting popular and that could be a possibility.

“We could look for a partnership with that.”

Galva will however loose their seat on the Lincoln Trail Conference in football. The seat will go to the Mid County Cougars.

Galva has been in the Lincoln Trail Conference since it’s beginning.  Galva will remain in the Lincoln Trail in all other sports.

Several parents were present, who were concerning about the ending Galva in football with Mid County.

They were told Galva had four new board members on their board Monday night and everyone will start working immediately to see what is the best plan for Galva football.