O-S boys soccer finish 9-5

Mindy Carls
Orion-Sherrard’s Kade Helm, right, attacks the goal during a varsity match on Wednesday, April 14, with Abingdon-Avon at Charger Field

Saturday, April 17, was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the Orion-Sherrard boys and girls soccer teams to play on the same day.

All it took was a pandemic to make it happen, since the boys normally play in the fall and the girls in the spring. The fall 2020 boys season had to be postponed because of COVID-19 restrictions.

It was the season finale for the boys, who fell to Monmouth-Roseville 1-0 and finished the season 9-5.

The week began with Orion-Sherrard defeating Princeton 3-1 on Tuesday, April 13, in Princeton.

Cody Dutton scored the first goal off a ball from Ajay Moon in the fourth minute. Taking a ball from Talen Butler, Cole Kimball scored in the 29th minute.

Princeton booted home a penalty kick in the 35th minute.

Kimball scored again in the 47th minute, converting a pass from Jordan Maynard.

Orion-Sherrard finished with 21 shots, including seven by Kimball, six by Moon, three by Alyus Johnson, two by Trey Erdmann, and one each by Nathan Schmoll, Jordan Maynard and Cody Dutton. Princeton had 10.

Of the 33 Orion-Sherrard steals, Kaden Helm had 11; Schmoll, seven; Jordan Maynard and Erdmann, three apiece; Cody Dutton, Alyus Johnson, Butler and Mike Diehl, two each; and Kimball and Peyton Maynard, one apiece. Princeton had 12.

Orion-Sherrard demolished Abingdon-Avon 6-0 on a chilly Wednesday afternoon, April 14, at Charger Field.

In the fifth minute, Jordan Maynard fed the ball to Schmoll for the first goal. Moon scored in the 13th and 27th minutes, with the first unassisted and the second on a ball from Schmoll.

Jordan Maynard had a part in all three of the second-half goals. In the 42nd minute, he passed to Josh Spranger for a goal, and in the 56th and 59th minutes, Maynard scored unassisted.

Orion-Sherrard fired off 37 shots. Jordan Maynard and Spranger took 10 each, while Helm had eight; Moon, four; Schmoll, three; and Erdmann and Luke Moen, one apiece. A-Town had none.

United made only 10 steals, since the Tornadoes rarely possessed the ball. Kimball and Erdmann made two steals each and Schmoll, Helm, Spranger, Butler, Diehl and Caden Wegerer, one apiece. Abingdon-Avon had seven.

Orion-Sherrard had no saves and A-Town, 13.

United hosted the Alleman Pioneers on Thursday, April 15, at Charger Field.

Wegerer took a ball from Jordan Maynard and put it in the back of the net in the 28th minute.

After halftime, Helm whipped a pass from Kimball into the goal mouth in the 48th minute.

Alyus Johnson added a goal on a ball from Jordan Maynard. The Pioneers scored in the 65th and 79th minutes.

Orion-Sherrard’s 15 shots were divided among Jordan Maynard, four; Alyus Johnson and Butler, three each; Kimball, two, and Helm, Peyton Maynard and Wegerer, one apiece. Alleman had 28.

United finished with 24 steals, including seven by Moon, five by Butler, four by Peyton Maynard, two each by Schmoll and Erdmann and one apiece by Jordan Maynard, Alyus Johnson, Kimball and Moen. The Pioneers had seven.

Orion-Sherrard keeper Spranger made 19 saves and his Alleman counterpart, six.

On Saturday, April 17, at Charger Field, Mon-Rose scored the game’s only goal in the 32nd minute.

Orion-Sherrard booted eight shots, three each by Moon and Butler, and one apiece by Helm and Erdmann. Mon-Rose had 10.

The United defense was credited with 27 steals. Erdmann had six; Butler, five; Schmoll and Peyton Maynard, four each; Dutton, three; Helm and Moen, two apiece, and Alyus Johnson, one. The Titans had 16.

Orion-Sherrard keeper Spranger and the Mon-Rose keeper each made five saves.