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Remember when there was an abandoned WW1 Renault light tank alongside a road north of Wolf Road? Remember Cherry’s station on the corner of Oakwood & Rt. 6, Geneseo? Still have a shotgun Bob sold me many years ago. Remember Hoggy’s and Varsity drive-ins in Moline? What about that city’s movie theaters, the Roxy, Paradise and the Illini? Remember driving on the trolley tracks on 4th Ave? What about taking the Rock Island Rocket to the Iowa football games and the Chicago Boat Show? Then there was the day that was set aside to shoot messy pigeons in Moline? That sure wouldn’t “fly” today! What about having milk delivered to your home by Baker’s Dairy? Remember all the family owned, small grocery stores? Some just blocks away from each other. Remember, “yourself” changing your car’s oil, filter, sparkplugs, etc. I remember our 1950, 14” black ‘n white Motorola TV used vacuum tubes and had to be replaced every so often. Lastly, remember the two-party line phones and 5 digit phone numbers? Ah, the good old days!

Spring Fishing Tips

Now is the time to zero in on panfish, i.e. bluegills and crappies. Here are a few tips.

1) Unless you’re fishing in “Snag City, USA,” you don’t need line more than 6-8 pound test.

2) If using small jigs, tip ‘em off with a waxie.

3) If bobber fishing, you “don’t” need a large bobber. Go as small as you can. The larger the bobber the more resistant to Jaws, which he doesn’t like.

4) Trout worms for bluegills; minnows for crappies.

5) Size hook for bobber fishing: Bluegills #8. Crappies: #6.


The Geneseo Izaak Walton League thank Faith DeDecker for her special donation in memory of her late husband, Hayden. Also, another special donation towards the June 12th “Youth Fishing Derby” was from “DC” of Geneseo. From time-to-time the Geneseo Ikes receive donations and it is always very much appreciated.

Downton Abbey 2

Yes, there will be a “second” Downton Abbey movie to be released in theaters on December 22, 2021. The first one made $194.3 million of which it cost $20 million to produce. Can’t wait to see the new one.


I asked Gary Dahlquist if the canal was any good for fish? He said, “It must be. I can’t get any of them to leave!” Why did the carp blush? He saw the boat’s bottom! The fastest fish in the canal is a “motor-pike.”