Geneseo volleyball ends season with wins

Claudia Loucks
Senior Maggi Weller ended her senior season of Geneseo volleyball with a series of successful serves in the Leafs match against Alleman.

The Geneseo Volleyball team closed its season with two victories – against Alleman, 25-10 and 25-7; and two nights later, on April 22, beating Quincy 25-11 and 25-17.

The last week was bittersweet for the Geneseo Girls’ Volleyball team as their shortened volleyball season came to an end in their home gym in the Geneseo-Quincy match.

The Leafs finished the season at 17-2 and second in the Western Big 6 conference with a record of 12-2, having lost to two-time IHSA Class 3 A state champions, the Sterling Warriors.

Of the two losses to Sterling, Coach Komel said, “If you have to have a loss, you want it to be to a team that you have a lot of respect for, and Sterling is a really, really good team.”

GENESEO @ ALLEMAN – 25-10 AND 25-7

Some different lineups in the Geneseo-Alleman game didn’t seem to bother the Leafs as Coach Casey Komel said, “The girls kept the intensity up the entire game.”

“Hannah Copeland was very powerful at the net the entire match, and Maggi Weller ended the match with about 10 serves in a row, some of the best serving I’ve seen all season.”

The stats:

-Kills – Hannah Copeland: 6; Brenna McGuire: 5; Allie Mackey: 3.

-Aces – Maggi Weller: 5.

-Assists – Maddi Barickman: 10; Addie Dunker: 7; Lauren Johnsen: 3.

-Digs – Maggi Weller: 11.

-Blocks – Brenna McGuire: 2; Emma Frank: 1; Hannah Copeland: 1.

GENESEO vs. QUINCY – 25-11 and 25-17

Even though the Leafs finished their season at home on April 22 with a win against Quincy, the victory was bittersweet for the team and Coach Casey Komel.

“Knowing that this was going to be our last game of the season had emotions running high from the first point,” Komel said. “It was a great season that ended on a win, which is a bittersweet thing. It’s nice to end with a win, but we are still sad we didn’t get a post-season…Thankfully the season had so many high points, we are all leaving feeling so grateful that we had the opportunity to play this year.”

The stats:

-Kills – Hannah Copeland: 8; Cadence Talbert: 4; Brenna McGuire: 4.

-Aces – Taylor DeSplinter: 4; Hannah Copeland: 3: Maddi Barickman: 3.

-Assists – Maddi Barickman: 8; Addie Dunker: 5: Lauren Johnsen: 3.

-Digs – Maggi Weller: 6; Hannah Copeland: 6; Taylor DeSplinter: 6.

-Blocks – Hannah Copeland: 1; Faith Henderson: 1.