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Kids Fishing Derbies

Two local kids fishing events will be held on the following dates. Geneseo Ikes “Youth Fishing Derby” on Saturday, June 12, 2021 from 8 a.m. to Noon. It will be held along the canal at the Ikes Park, 1 mile north of Geneseo off Rt. 82. For ages 2 – 16. All free. The 6th Annual “Kids Fishing Derby,” Carbon Cliff, IL, will be held on Saturday, June 19, 2021, from 8:30 to 10 a.m. It will be held at the Carbon Cliff Pond, 343 N. 1st Ave, for ages 3 – 14. All free. Bait is supplied for both by events by Carbon Cliff Bait & Tackle. Both events will provide prizes. It saddens me that I can’t help out with the Carbon Cliff event, but that is the same date and time as the Geneseo Ikes Senior Fishing Derby. Even though the events are held outside, it is best to wear a mask.

Viva la France

The National Anthem of France, La Marseillaise, is an amazingly powerful and stirring song. It’s an easy search on your computer to view various performing artists singing the anthem. My favorite is by Mireille Mathieu. The video is not sharp, but the sound is fine.

Get Shot, Give Blood

Because of health issues, not everyone can get the Covid 19 vaccination shot(s). However, if we are to believe the medical professionals, the pandemic is not going to go away until the vast majority of we Americans get vaccinated. Another fine deed towards your fellow human being is to give blood. Whether it is through the Red Cross or the Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center (MVRBC), there is always a big need for donators. I recently made my 132nd trip to the MVRBC for a so-far-total donation of 16.5 gallons of the red stuff. It only takes about 45 minutes of your time and you may very well be saving a life. Kudos to Jim Wethington, Geneseo Kiwanis, for heading-up a blood donation drive Thursday, May 20th, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Ask your family and friends to please consider donating. It will be held at the Edwards Aquatic Center, Geneseo, IL. You can register directly through the Mississippi Valley Blood Center/Bank site.


Once a week a friend and I have breakfast at a local Geneseo or Colona restaurant. One of the restaurants harbors a booth that two years ago had a weird happening from a “ghost?”  The booth has since been moved to a different part of the restaurant. Last week we talked with one of the food servers and she said “Mr. Ghost” followed the booth. Two years ago a coffee cup moved across the booth’s table top on its own. A few weeks ago, a filled water glass did the same thing in that same booth. In both cases, there was no water on the table that would help make it move. Strange!


What kind of money do fishermen make? Net profits! What fish can perform operations? The sturgeon! What swims in the sea, carries a saw-off shotgun and makes you an offer you can’t refuse? The Codfather! What does a fish call when its piano breaks? The piano tuna! What do you call a messy crawfish? A slobster! Why don’t fish play soccer? They are afraid of the net! Geneseo’s Bob Mays and his wife recently returned home from the grocery store. He loves animal crackers so he spread them all out on the kitchen table. His better-half asked him what he was doing? Bob said, “The cereal box says you shouldn’t eat them if the seal is broken so I’m looking for the seal.”