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Officiating is carried on from the old to the new. Dan Dauw, former basketball "zebra" for 42 years, is next to his grandson, Dylan Nommensen, who is now a new ice hockey official.

New CPOs Needed

If you enjoy the outdoors and are interested in law enforcement, the Illinois DNR is looking to recruit new Conservation Police Officers (CPO). I cannot list all of the qualifications, but candidates must have a 4 year Bachelor’s Degree or a 2 year Associate’s degree with 3 consecutive years of experience as a fulltime Police officer with the same agency. If you are interested in becoming a CPO you can find a link by going to https://Illinois.jobs2web.com. One of our local CPOs, Jamie Posateri, said in an e-mail to me that she would be happy to answers any questions concerning the job of a Conservation Police Officer. Her phone number is: 309-830-0708. Another source is an excellent book authored by a recently retired local CPO, Anthony J. Petreikis. It’s really a good book entitled “Warden’s Hunt Club.” You can purchase the book through Amazon or babybook.com.

Jumping Worms

Oh, like we need another invasive creature in our country!! These snakelike worms are now in over 12 states including Illinois and Iowa. Without going into a lot of detail, jumping worms, which are larger than our common earthworms, are a danger to agriculture, woods and our gardens. They eat organic matter taking away important nutrients that animals and plants need to survive.

IHSA Bass Tournament

Of which the Geneseo H.S. Bass Club is a member. The sectional tournaments started last week with the state finals on May 21-22. All anglers in the tournament do not have to wear a mask as long as the anglers remain 6 feet apart. Most anglers carry a tape measure so while a buddy is netting a largemouth, maybe he or she can measure off the 6 feet distance!  Maybe not!!

Lost Grove Lake

I finally am going fishing on this Iowa lake. I had heard good things and bad things about this man-made lake. It should be good fishing as the lake’s been around for a fair number of years.

Picking on Dale

Last Tuesday I was mulching an area in front of the Henry County Museum when a gentleman came up to me and said how nice everything looked. He told me how he enjoyed the Henry County Republic and this column. He also said he knows Dale Collis and it’s funny why I sometimes pick on him? I told the fellow, “We go back a spell and I’m just now getting my sanity back!!!

Garden Done

Finally! Everything is planted. Now if Bugs Bunny stays away we should have plenty of lettuce and beans. He doesn’t mess with onions. Both my neighbor and us have 25 tomato plants in the soil. Our gardens run next to each and we always end up giving lots away. My stupid move: In our smaller garden I planed 6 “yellow” tomato plants. I put too much fertilizer with each plant and in a few days 4 were quite dead. I replenished them with a short drive to East Moline Feed in Carbon Cliff. Anyway, now it’s time for fishing!


Just before retiring, businessmen Bob and Dean were sitting down for a break in their soon-to-be store. Unfortunately, all their merchandise had yet to arrive. Bob said to Dean that he bets anytime now some senior will walk by their store window and ask what they are selling? Sure enough, just a second later, a curious senior walked up to the window and said, “What are you selling here?” Bob replied sarcastically, “We’re selling stupid people!” The senior said, “Well, you must be doing great. Only two of you left!”