Ridgewood Roundup

Tom Akers

Vikings Compete in Galva Quad

The Cambridge Vikings travelled to Galva on May 6th for a quadrangular meet. The girls took top honors putting up 143 points to second place Stark County’s 111 points, ROWVA finished third with 100.5 points. The boys finished just nine points behind the first place Galva team who had 69 points to Cambridge’s 60, AlWood came in third with 12.5 points.

Emily Downing won the 400m, the long jump, and the 800m run where she set a school record while Jana VandeKemp won the 1600m run. Ellie Doubet won the discus in the field events and Luca Veloz was the top finisher in the 200m dash.

Lucas Harrell won the 110m hurdles on the boys side along with Taber Swanson in the 1600m run.

Sectional champion Emily Downing in the 1600m run
Addie Jewett in sectional championship 4x1600m relay team.
Luka Veloz 4x1600m relay

Complete results. Individual running events. 100m dash. Girls. 2nd, Luca Veloz 14.43. 3rd, Jolene Blackert 14.55. 5th, Ellie Doubet 14.85. 7th, Millie Dzekinskas 16.46. 9th, Ava Salazar 16.76. 10th, Chloe Pfeiffer 16.79. Boys. 4th, Blake Janson 14.84. 7th, Lucas Harrell 15.38. 200m dash. Girls. 1st, Veloz 31.01. 2nd, Addie Jewett 31.38. 3rd, Tori Reed 34.28. 7th, Pfeiffer 35.96. 8th, Dzekunskas 36.39. 400m dash. Girls. 7th Grade. 1st, Emily Downing 1:10. 4th, Cambria Harreld 1:21. 8th Grade. 4th, Haylee Bennett 1:25. 5th, Addison Stone 1:25. 800m run. Girls. 7th Grade. 1st, Downing 2:40. 3rd, Jana VandeKemp 2:58. 8th Grade. 1st, Addison Stone 3:32. 3rd, HBennett 3:39. Boys. 7th Grade. 4th, Evan Akers 3:42. 1600m run. Girls. 1st, VandeKemp 6:22. Boys. 7th Grade. 2nd, Akers 8:57. 8th Grade. 1st, Taber Swanson 6:24. 100m hurdles. Girls. 2nd, Doubet 19.46. 110 hurdles. Boys. 7th grade.. 2nd, Janson 22.34. 8th Grade. 1st, Harrell 21.00. 2nd, Swanson 22.78. Team running events. 4x100m relay. Girls. 1st, Jewett, Doubet, Blackert, Veloz 59.65. 5th, Pfeiffer, Bennett, McMeekan, Stone 1:11. 4x200m relay. Girls Harreld, Reed, Salazar, Dzekunskas 2:19. 4x400m relay. Girls. 1st, Jewett, Veloz, VandeKemp, Downing 5:07. 5th, Harreld, Salazar, Dzekunskas, Pfeiffer 5:45. Field Events. Long Jump. Girls. 1st, Downing 12-07. 4th, VandeKemp 11-10. 6th, Salazar 11-01. 7th, McMeekan 10-05. 10th, Isabella Jewett 8-03. Boys. 7th Grade. 8th, Akers 9-03.50. 8th Grade. 2nd, Swanson 13-03.50. 3rd, Harrell 12-10.75. Shot Put. Girls. 7th Grade. 2nd, Addie Little 20-11. 5th, Blackert 18-11. 9th, Emma Miller 15-07. 8th. 5th, Harper Little 17-11. 9th, Kenley Medley 15-07. Boys. 7th Grade. 10th, Austin Woodbury 12-02. 8th Grade. 4th, Gage Maness 23-04. Discus. Girls. 7th Grade. 1st, Doubet 69-02. 2nd, Blackert 60-08. 5th, Miller 49-00. 8th. 3rd, A. Little 46-00. 10th, H. Little 43-09. 12th, Medley 35-03. Boys. 7th Grade. 8th, Woodbury 39-02. 8th Grade. 2nd, Maness 79-08.

Spartans Fall Short in Comeback

Despite only having one hit in the game the Ridgewood Spartans were one run away from catching the Sherrard Tigers in a non conference matchup Tuesday, May 11th. Colton Stahl who had put Ridgewood back in the game with a three run triple was stranded on third as the Spartans lost 5-4.

Stahl took the mound to start the game for Ridgewood going two and a third innings. The Tigers got on the board in the top of the first when a single to left plated the Tigers first run of the game. A solo home run in the top of the third signaled the end of Stahl’s day as Alex White came on in relief. Stahl exited allowing two runs off of three hits while striking out three.

White would keep Sherrard off of the base paths for three and two thirds innings, striking out seven while allowing just two hits. Keagan Hixson came on in the seventh inning. Sherrard took advantage of a walk and a hit batsman combined with an rbi double to go ahead 5-0 setting up the comeback attempt by Ridgewood. Four Spartans would earn walks to get on the board 1-0. Stahl’s triple would cut the lead to one but that’s where the rally ended. Stahl finished the night one for three with the triple.

Girls Win IESA Track Sectional

The Cambridge Vikings seventh grade girls track team more than doubled up the second place team at the IESA track meet to win the sectional title. The meet was held on Saturday May 8th at Hall High School. The Spartans put up school records in the 1600m run, 4x200m relay, the 800m run, and the 4x400m relay on their way to 162 team points to Henry Middle School’s 62.

The eighth grade girls team was tenth out of twelve teams with thirteen points just three points shy of ninth place. The seventh grade boys finished sixth out of twelve teams missing fifth place by one point. The eighth grade boys were ninth out of ten.

Complete results. Individual running events. 100m dash. Girls. 7th Grade. 3rd, Addie Jewett 20.81. Boys. 7th Grade. 6th, Blake Janson 14.94 200m dash. Girls. 7th Grade. 1st, Jolene Blackert 30.78. 4th, Ellie Doubet 32.16. 8th Grade. 6th, Chloe Pfeiffer 35.72. 400m dash. Girls. 7th Grade. 1st, Luca Veloz 1:11.41. 4th, Addie Jewett 1:15.41. 8th Grade. 5th, Addison Stone 1:26.56. 6th, Haylee Bennett 1:32.29. 800m run. Girls. 7th Grade. 1st, Emily Downing 2:36.56. 2nd, Jana VandeKemp 3:00.03. 8th Grade. 5th, Stone 3:14.36. 6th, Bennett 3:26.02. 1600m run. Girls. 7th Grade. 1st, Downing 5:39. 2nd, VandeKemp 6:10. Boys. 7th Grade. 3rd, Evan Akers 8:55. 8th Grade. 1st, Taber Swanson 6:18. 100m hurdles. Girls. 7th Grade. 1st, Jewett 20.81. 110 hurdles. Boys. 7th grade. 3rd, Janson 21.63. 8th Grade. 3rd, Harrell 20.56. Team running events. 4x100m relay. Girls. 7th Grade. 3rd, Pfeiffer, Tori Reed, Ava Salazar, Millie Dzekunskas 1:07. Boys. 8th Grade. Janson, Gage Maness, Swanson, Harrell 1:01. 4x200m relay. Girls 7th grade. 1st, Jewett, Doubet, Blackert, Veloz 2:07. 4x400m relay. Girls. 7th Grade. 1st, Jewett, Veloz, VandeKemp, Downing 4:58. Field Events. Long Jump. Girls. 7th Grade. 4th, Downing 11-06.5. Boys. 7th Grade. 3rd, Janson 13-07. Shot Put. Girls. 7th Grade. 3rd, Addie Little 22-09.5. Discus. Girls. 7th Grade. 2nd, Blackert 60-03. 8th Grade. 5th, Maness 78-07.

Ridgewood Run in MerCo Invitational

The Ridgewood Spartans travelled to Mercer County for a five team invitational on May 11th. Both teams placed fourth in the team totals with the girls putting up 59 points, Mercer County won the girls with 119 points. The boys finished with 55 points, missing third by just four points to ROWVA, Mercer County also won the boys team total with 118 points.

Lauren Anderson led the Spartan Girls with wins in the 200m dash, the high jump, and as the lead runner in the 4x800m relay along with Kira Messerly, Miranda Reed, and Kendra Downing. Nick Janson was the top individual boy winning the 1600m run, along with the 3200m run, Lucas Kessinger also took first in the open 400m dash.

Complete results. Individual running events. 100m dash. Girls. 3rd, Lauren Anderson 14.16. 13th, Emma Keeton 15.56. 15th, Maddie Harrell 17.11. 16th, Ellie Keever 17.22. Boys. 4th, Meric Veloz 12.47. 5th, Lucas Kessinger 12.56. 7th, Lukas Maness 12.78.14th, Preston Moriarity 14.43. 200m dash. Girls. 1st, Anderson 30.33. 12th, Anna Paul 37.64. 13th, Keever 37.94. Boys. 3rd, Veloz 25.72. 6th, Taylor Snook 26.54. 10th, Aaron Gotthardt 27.75. 400m dash. Girls. 5th, Bella Paul 1:28. Boys. 1st, Kessinger 55.58. 2nd, Francis 57.28. 12th, Moriarity 1:04. 17th, Jay Harrell 1:48. 800m run. Girls. 2nd, Kendra Downing 2:34. Boys. 7th, Sam Petrie 2:34. 8th, Jager Samuelson 2:35. 9th, Joe Keever 2:44. 1600m run. Girls. 4th, Miranda Reed 5:50. 10th, Mollie Bennett 6:59. 11th, Ruth Losey 7:06. Boys. 1st, Nick Janson 5:13. 6th, Kaden Larson 5:34. 7th, Matt VanHyfte 5:38. 3200m run. Girls. 2nd, Mollie Bennett 15:12. 3rd, Cassie Mayer 16:13. Boys. 1st, Janson 11:01.100m hurdles. Girls. 9th, Sami Ehlers 24.37. 300m hurdles. 5th, Messerly 1:01. Team running events. 4x100m relay. Boys. 4th, Veloz, Maness, Carson Nodine, Kessinger 49.33. 4x200m relay. Boys. 4th, Veloz, Maness, Nodine, Gotthardt 1:44. 4x400m relay. Boys. 2nd, Kessinger, Nodine, Maness, Francis 3:56. 4x800m relay. Girls. 1st, Anderson, Messerly, Reed, Downing 11:10. Boys. 4th, Keever, Samuelson, VanHyfte, Larson 10:24. Field Events. High Jump. Girls. 1st, Anderson 5-0. 4th, Paul 4-08. 6th, Messerly 4-04. Long Jump. Girls. 8th, Summer Moore 12-05. Boys. 5th, Nodine 17-11. 7th, Petrie 16-06.25. Triple Jump. Boys. 4th, VanHyfte 34-09. 5th, Gotthardt 34-04.75. Shot Put. Girls. 9th, Hannah Maher 24-09. Boys. 2nd, DJ VanHouten 36-07. 12th Samuelson 26-06.5. 13th, Jack Jewett 23-03. 14th, Jay Harrell 18-09.5. Discus. Girls. 2nd, Maher 82-06. 13th, Alex Watt 42-10 Boys. 7th, VanHouten 83-09. 9th, Jewett 70-00. 15th, Harrell 38-11.

Tigers Tame Spartans

The Sherrard Tigers came to town on May 11th for a non conference matchup with the Ridgewood Spartans. The Tigers took advantage of seven Spartan Errors to put up 16 runs late in the game off of 11 hits on their way to a 16-4 win over Ridgewood.

Hallica Warren-Anderson put Ridgewood on the board first in the bottom of the third with a single, Warren-Anderson was driven in with an rbi groundout by Kendall Lewis. Warrant Anderson was two for two on the day. Sherrard answered in the top of the third taking advantage of a walk by starting pitcher Mackenzie Brown then hitting back to back doubles to go up 3-1. Brown would take the loss for Ridgewood going four innings while allowing seven runs off of six hits and striking out one.

Ridgewood tied the game in the bottom of the fourth with Warren-Anderson driving in Becca Lindsey and Clara Franks with her second hit of the night. Becca Lindsey was one for three.

Sherrard would go on to score six in the fifth and seven in the sixth to get the win. Both Mya Brown and Brooke Jackson came on in to try and stop the Tiger attack, Mya Brown went one inning allowing six runs off of four hits while striking out one. Jackson would allow three runs in one inning of work walking three.

Big Inning Gives Ridgewood the Win

It took nine innings but the Ridgewood Spartans came home with the win over A-Town on Wednesday, May 12th. The Spartans crushed four triples in the top of the ninth to tally eight runs to win 10-2. Brooke Jackson threw the entire game to get the win. The senior fanned thirteen while allowing just two runs.

Ridgewood got on the board first with center fielder Mya Brown reaching base on a single and being driven in by Kendall Lewis, Brown was four for four for the night while Lewis was three for five. Older sister Mackenzie Brown then drove in Lewis to put Ridgewood up 2-0.

The Tornadoes would tie the game in the bottom of the fifth. Both sides would go scoreless until the top of the ninth inning when the Spartans opened the floodgates. The inning began with a single by Hallica Warren-Anderson followed by triples by Mya Brown, Sarya DeLeon-Harreld, Alexis Yarbrough, and Becca Lindsey to give Ridgewood the win. Jackson struck out the last two batters in the bottom of the ninth to send Ridgewood home with the win.

MerCo Rallies to down Ridgewood

The Ridgewood Spartans went into the bottom of the fifth ahead by two runs but a five hit, four run inning by the Mercer County Golden Eagles gave Ridgewood the conference loss. Ridgewood, playing on the road on Thursday, May 13th scored all of their runs in the middle innings losing 7-5.

The Spartans got on the board first when Payton Catour singled to center to score Mitchell Brooks who had reached on one of five MerCo errors. Couture was one for three on the day while Brooks was one for four with an RBI. Mercer County