Galva School Board approves 8 man football for Fall

Carol Townsend
Galva Wildcat logo

Galva board unanimously  approves 8 man football to begin this Fall at Mondays night school board meeting.

There will be five home games and 4 away games and they will play teams in the Southern region.

This will just be for one year and then Galva will get into the Northern region and games won’t be so far away as both the South Region and North Region are South of Galva.

It was stated Monday night that there is a shortage of officials as most are set for the Fall games.

Galva’s athletic director Kurtis Smyth  said he will begin working on hiring officials   and looking at  equipment immediately. He said he had to wait until the board approved.

A meeting was held with students and there was about 20 interested in the program.

Board member Andrew Larson stated. “We are pretty excited.”

It was noted that maybe Galva should upgrade their restrooms for five home games this Fall.

Smyth said he checked with several area  districts about co-oping   with Galva, but then it would put them in a bigger class. Several schools said they felt they might be going to an eight man team themselves in the near future.

Board member Mike Clucas thanked Superintendent Doug O’Riley, Principal Jerry Becker and Athletic director Kurtis Smyth for all of their hard work to make this possible.

“I am very excited and this will bring excitement to the community.” noted board member Mike Clucas.

Golf will be approved at a future meeting by the board but plans are Galva will have their own team and their home golf course will be The Dunes rather than Oak Run.

School fees will remain the same for the 2021-22 school year.

The board approved summer sports camps for this summer.

Both the elementary and Junior senior high school will be offering classes for the month of June. These will be some make up classes for those who need it. This program will run the month of June and is paid for by a grant.

The high school students can recover a class that was failed. Superintendent Jerry Becker said that the problem is that some failed more than one class.

The programs must be attended by the students in person.

Parents may enroll students and the district will also recommend students to attend.

There will be breakfast served ,  lunch sent home  and transportation all provided.

The board approved the following  personnel items:

  *approved Jackie Clucas as volunteer Jr/Sr high school softball coach

  *approved Caelin Foley and Jonas Porsche as summer maintenance workers

The last day of school this year is Tuesday, May 25th.