Geneseo basketball awards given

Claudia Loucks
Varsity basketball players receiving end-of-season awards are, from left, Nathan VanDeWoestyne, Kade Ariano, Charlie Clauson, Kyle Traphagan and PJ Moser. Bristol Lewis also received awards, but was absent for the photo.
The Geneseo sophomore basketball players receiving end-of-season awards are, from left, Calvin Pettit, Jacob Harris, Karson Emry, Jaden Weinzierl, Tayt Hager and Mason Lovig
The Geneseo freshmen basketball players receiving end-of-season awards are, from left, Jackson Reade, Connor Mitchell, Thomas Sahr and Caleb Craterfield.

The Geneseo Boys’ Basketball team met recently for a “casual” awards distribution event and a meeting for returning players.

Captain Awards went to Kade Ariano, Charlie Clauson, PJ Moser and Kyle Traphagan.

In honoring the captains, Varsity Coach Brad Storm said, “These four guys had the very hard task of leading a team through this unusual season. As a group, they complemented each other to form a strong leadership example. Kade was a great, positive teammate to all who cared about the team and his teammates and was a warrior on the court. Charlie was a tremendous supporter of everyone in a tough situation himself, and found a way to bring energy plays as his niche in games. After a concussion ended his playing, he still strongly supported his teammates. PJ was a quiet, almost behind the scenes ‘pickup guy’. Players commented on how he would make them feel better after mistakes, and that he cared about this team while willing to serve them. And Kyle was one who led by example of play on the court with effort and setting examples for others.”

In addition to letters, graduation numbers, certificates or pins, the awards were given to:


-Most Improved – Thomas Sahr.

-Free Throw Award – Connor Mitchell.

-Defense Award – Jackson Reade.

-Rebounding Award – Caleb Craterfield.

-Coaches Award – Connor Mitchell.


-Most Improved - Jacob Harris.

-Free Throw Award – Tayt Hager and Calvin Pettit.

-Defense Award – Mason Lovig.

-Rebounding Award – Karson Emry.

-Coaches Award – Jaden Weinzierl.


-Western Big 6 Scholastic All-Conference Team (seniors with a 3.25 or above GPA): Kade Ariano, Charlie Clauson and PJ Moser.

-Western Big 6 All-Conference Honorable Mention Team: Kyle Traphagan and Bristol Lewis.

-Free Throw Award – Bristol Lewis.

-Assist Award – Bristol Lewis.

-Rebound Award –Kade Ariano.

-Defense Award – Kyle Traphagan.

-Most Improved – Nathan VanDeWoestyne.

-Coaches Award – Charlie Clauson and Nathan VanDeWoestyne.

-MVP – Bristol Lewis.

-Maple Leaf Award – Kade Ariano.

The Del Nicklaus Award – Kade Ariano – (the award is given in honor of the late Del Nicklaus who was athletic director at GHS for many years and the award is given to a senior who does well in the classroom, on the court and best exemplifies a Maple Leaf basketball player.

Coach Storm said a meeting was held for returning players after awards were presented, and he shared the main messages from that meeting:

-“We aren’t good enough at our skills, but there is time.

-It takes effort and time to get better, and not just the few times we can schedule as a basketball program. It requires long-term consistency over months for just short periods of time multiple days a week. 10 minutes of hard ball handling; 15 minutes of flip form shooting, playing some 1 vs. 1 or 2 vs. 2, 10 minutes of intense game shooting, etc. That’s it!

-If you want to be better, you can’t do what you’ve done in the past. Different results require a different path. We talked a bit about that path.

-Becoming stronger and more athletic are huge to compete in boys’ basketball in the Western Big 6.

-Most importantly – Have fun! Basketball is fun. Even work to get better can be fun. Get back to having fun. Go play. Get together and have fun going hard. You can’t have fun with basketball if the ball is sitting in the garage or basement. You can’t have fun with basketball sitting on your phone or holding a video game controller. But you can have fun getting out there with a ball.

-It was a tough, strange year. I appreciate the players for navigating it and some really showed some mental and physical toughness getting through it. And we look forward to moving forward in a direction of improvement. Last year’s season is over. How next season goes for individuals and teams will be determined in March-October. We are excited to put the work in as coaches, to encourage players, and to see how that turns out.”