Geneseo soccer wins back-to-back games

Claudia Loucks
Bailey Huizenga scored two goals in the Geneseo-United Township soccer game on Wednesday, May 19.
Taylor Minnaert, left, Chloe Adams and Hannah Vondra in action in the Geneseo-Sterling match which was Senior Night for the Geneseo team.

GENESEO – 5, UTHS – 1:

The Geneseo and United Township High School girls’ varsity soccer teams were evenly matched throughout the first half of the Wednesday, May 19, game in Geneseo while also putting up with a drizzling rain.

However, the Lady Leafs took over in the second half, scoring five goals.

Taylor DeSplinter scored the first goal, followed by Bailey Huizenga scoring the second and third goals in the game.

Jordan Porter made the fourth goal and the last goal for the Lady Leafs was made by Lauryn Newkirk.

UT’s goal came on a penalty kick near the end of the contest.


Geneseo could not be stopped on Senior Night for the Lady Leafs when they shut out Sterling, 12-0.

The scoring was fast and often for the Lady Leafs with 10 goals in the first half and 2 in the second half.

Taylor DeSplinter scored two goals in the first half and Brooke Harms added a hat trick of three goals. Lauren Newkirk, Chloe Adams, Bailey Huizenga, Mikala Werner and Jenah Hart each added one goal to add to the final score of 12 for Geneseo.