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These are some of the third graders from the Cambridge Elementary School who recently enjoyed a field trip                                         to the Giant Goose Main Lake, Atkinson, IL. They enjoyed fishing and a nature walk. Picture are left to right: Ella Grant, Kenndy Anderson, Adelynn Blade, and Hayden Palanos.

It’s Free ‘n Fun

We’re talking about the annual Geneseo Izaak Walton Club’s “Ikes Kids Fishing Derby.” This is the Geneseo Ikes big annual event for kids 2 to 16 of age. It will be held on June 14th at the canal by Ikes Park, 1 mile north of Geneseo, off Rt. 82. It is open for all kids no matter what town they are from. Because of the pandemic, there are a few changes that had to be made. While packaged snacks will be provided, lunch will not be served. There is plenty of room to fish so being socially distant should be okay. This big event will be held on Saturday, June 12, 2021, on the banks of the Hennepin Canal. No boats! Registration starts at 8 a.m. with the contest running from 8:30 to 11 a.m. There will be lots of prizes and awards. Bait will be provided free by Carbon Cliff Bait & Tackle. If your child does not have a fishing rod ‘n reel, one will be provided. So, parents, grandparents and/or guardians, bring your kid(s) to this really great children’s event.

Thank you two Ts

That would be Tom Wachtel and Todd Sieben for their recent donations towards the Ikes Kids Fishing Derby next week. It was very much appreciated.

Ikes Senior Fishing Derby

The Geneseo Ikes will be hosting their annual “Senior Fishing Tournament” on Saturday, June 19, 2021, from 8 to 10:30 a.m. Registration at 7:30 a.m. It will be held at the Ikes Park, 1 mile north of Geneseo, on Rt. 82. It is for ages 55 to 105 and it’s all free. Because it is during “Illinois Free Fishing Days,” no fishing license is required. Fishing from the canal shore only, no boats! One rod ‘n reel use per participant. If you’ve no rod ‘n reel, we’ll supply you with one. Bait will be supplied from Carbon Cliff Bait & Tackle. First and second prizes for the most fish caught over 6” long and the same for the longest fish caught. Prizes awarded at 11 a.m. It makes no difference what town you’re from. So, bring ‘yer lawn chair, enjoy a few morning hours of fishing, and maybe just win a very nice prize! If rain, no event! Hopefully, we can see some of you members from area Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions and other clubs join in on the fun! Ha! I wonder if sometime we should have a fun fishing contest just for area clubs? Just a thought!

Cambridge 3rd Graders

On Monday, May 24th, the Izaak Walton Giant Goose Conservation Club hosted a field trip for kids from the Cambridge grade school. They fished and took a trail walk through the woods. There were 34 kids plus teachers, parents and local Izaak Walton volunteers. It was a fun time!

Atlantic Crossing

The last episode of this BBC WW2 drama was May 23rd. It was about Crown Princess Marta of Norway during WW2. The BBC tried very hard to get the true story about her, her husband, Olaf, and their three children. She and President Roosevelt became close friends. Some wonder just how close? She was an amazing lady and worked hard to promote Norwegian interests while in the USA during the war. Now, if the BBC can re-enkindle “World on Fire,” it would be super great! PBS and the BBC sure provide some awesome TV dramas.


I think it is really great of the Geneseo Fareway store to allow various organizations to have cookouts on Fridays by their store. It’s good for the store, and it is a good money maker for the organizations.


Ray Rogers told me that boating sounds like a terrible idea on paper. I said, “Maybe, but it’s a lot better on water. Dean Yoder took his boat out one afternoon, but didn’t come back. The next day two policemen knocked on his wife’s front door. They said they were sorry, but they had some bad news, good news and great news. They went on to say that they found his boat had capsized in the canal, and he had drowned. His wife said, “How can there be any “good” news? The police said, “Well, when we brought him to the surface, he had 4 big walleyes and two catfish in his pockets.” She said, “What could possibly be the great news?” The police said, “We’re bringing him up again tomorrow!”