Geneseo Girls Soccer shuts out Orion-Sherrard, continuing Post-Season competition

Claudia Loucks
Team members, from left, Allison Griffin, Taylor DeSplinter, Mikala Warner, Jordan Porter and Chloe Adams were all part of the win for Geneseo over Orion –Sherrard in the first round of postseason soccer play.

It took eight minutes for Geneseo to get on the board in the first round of Girls’ Soccer postseason competition, and once they got on the board, their scoring did not stop. Geneseo shut out Orion-Sherrard with a score of 9-0 in the June 1 game held at Geneseo.

Geneseo, the No. 2 seed in the Peoria Richwoods sectional, scored eight goals in the first half of the game and one additional goal in the second half.

The Leafs will face Peoria Notre Dame Friday, June 4.

The Leafs began their scoring at the seven-minute mark in the first half when Bailey Huizenga scored the first unassisted goal.

Geneseo was ahead 8-0 at halftime, and IHSA rules state that the 40-minute second half of the game be cut in half, to 20 minutes of a continuous clock. Brooke Harms scored the only goal in the second half, which was her second goal in the game.

Geneseo’s overall record is 13-2.

Scoring in the first half:

-32:48- No. 4 – Bailey Huizenga.

-22:02 – No. 17 – Brooke Harms.

-19:13 – No. 21 – Danielle Beach.

-15:21 – No. 6 – Taylor DeSplinter.

-11:10 – No. 6 – Taylor DeSplinter scored a second goal.

-10:11 – No. 13 – Taylor Minnaert.

-4:03 – No. 23 – Cody Hudson.

-0:45 – No. 26 – Madeline Roberts.

Scoring in the second half:

-9:26 – No. 17 – Brooke scored her second goal in the game.