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Dan Dauw
Daniel Cadogan, while bass fishing a few weeks ago, caught this big bullfrog on a top water lure.

Not food, Kermit

Daniel Cadogan, Geneseo, recently was fishing a local farm pond and came up with an unusual catch! He was fishing for bass and had pretty good luck using a top water, rubber frog. He made one cast, just off some surface moss, when he got a good strike. He thought it was another bass, but on the small size. When he retrieved his “fish,” he was surprised! It turned out to be a big bull frog. I wonder if Kermit got teased by Miss Piggy?

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Two more Years

It will then be 20 years that I’ve written this column. I honestly don’t know if “Dan D Outdoors” is read by 6 or 60 subscribers. My salary is fine, just as long as I can buy a new Bentley every year!!

Fishing & TV

I wish the local TV networks would at least cover the sport of fishing. I can understand why they shy away from hunting with a firearm. Every gun owner is a criminal if you live in Illinois! I know that Carbon Cliff, Geneseo, Andover, and East Moline held youth fishing derbies. Moline has two ponds that could host a kids’ fishing derby. Anyway, I think showing a few seconds of air time of kids fishing and/or holding a ribbon or trophy would be warranted. It’s great covering the three major sports, golf, tennis, etc., but a lot of kids and adults also love the sport of fishing. So, TV sport gurus, please get your head out of your bass and throw a bone (or worm) for local anglers!


The Maple City Band will perform on Tuesday, July 13th, in the Geneseo City Park. They will start playing at 7 p.m. The Ice Cream Social will be sponsored by the “Quality Lives, Inc.” They will start serving at 6 p.m. Please support both organizations.


This useless piece of legislation, enacted on July 1, 1963, does “zero” in keeping the mentally ill, gang members, thieves’ and crooks from getting a firearm. Why on Earth would those type of people get the card in the first place as it is easier to steal or illegally obtain guns through the underground or other means? As to so called, “Assault weapons,” if they are banned, think about the 99% people who will become automatic criminals. I suspect there would be a grace period, but if the government thinks honest people are going to just hand those over without being reimbursed, dollar wise, think again! Figure roughly a grand, give or take a few hundred bucks, for one of those semi-automatic firearms.


A little gray hair is a small price to pay for all my wisdom. Some days the supply of curse words are insufficient to meet my demands. Why can’t your nose be 12 inches long? Because then it’d be a foot. What do you break before you use it? An egg.