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Big Northern

Former Geneseo resident and now living in Minneapolis, MN, Logan Lanphere caught a big northern pike while fishing for smallmouth bass. He was fishing with his fraternity brother, Dalton, at Beatons Lake at Michigan’s UP. They were trolling when the big pike hit his lure. Logan also caught his biggest smallmouth at 4 lb, 12 oz. All the fish were released. Logan’s belief, “Let them go, let them grow!”

Logan Lanphere, formerly from Geneseo, recently caught               this 42" northern pike in Michigan's UP.

Channel Cat Cruise

We recently took an hour ride on this cruise boat. We got on-board at the East Village dock in Davenport. It is really awesome to see, from the river, the work being done on the new I-74 bridge. I just cannot imagine the effort it will be to take down the old bridge. The boat ride was only $8.00 per person. I happened to have my Navy shirt on and when leaving, the Captain said, “Hi, fellow sailor!” The gentleman was a retired Navy officer. We talked and he knew all about one of the ships I served on. He knew the term used for a ship that has been scrapped-out. It’s called, “razor blades!” There are four places you can catch the Channel Cat. Two in Moline and two in Davenport. So, if ‘yer look’n for a cool boat ride, check it out.

Alleman H.S.

It is sad that my former high school is having such problems. I know one of the problems is their declining enrollment. It is not cheap sending a child to AHS. I heard there are also some personality clashes, but that can be at any school. I will soon be mailing out 198 notices about our 60th AHS Class Reunion. It will be held at the American Legion, East Moline, on Friday, October 15, 2021. We were supposed to have it last year, but we all know how that year turned out!


I’m not sure where the FOID bill is now, but I did read that the finger printing part is voluntary to obtain a FOID card. Well, duh, it shouldn’t be in the bill in the first place. It was another layer of bureaucracy and for no good reason.

MCB & German Band

A big compliment goes to the Maple City German Band Director, Morgan Miller, and the 9 other musicians who played some great German tunes on Tuesday, July 6th, in the Geneseo Park. The Geneseo Maple City Band ended its season last Tuesday. Maestro Alan Kiser and his 60 plus member band did a great job with their concerts. Alan always seems to pick out some great selections and this season was no exception. Super job, and thank you, Maple City Band, for all the fine music you provided.

Geneseo Big Band

This excellent band will be in concert on Tuesday, July 20th, starting at 7 p.m. It will be held at the Geneseo City Park. The Northside Elementary PTA will host the ice cream social.


What five-letter word becomes shorter if you add two letters to it? “Short” (add ‘er). I didn’t get this one at first. What comes once in a minute, twice in a moment, but never in a thousand years? The letter “m.” In a month or two, what has hundreds of ears, but can’t hear a thing? A cornfield. Jim Luikart used to be a taxi driver. He quit after a while because there was too much talking behind his back! Vern Mariman recently opened a new restaurant on the moon. Lorna and I stopped there. The food was great, but it lacked atmosphere!!!!