Geneseo baseball awards

Claudia Loucks

The 2021 baseball season for the Geneseo High School was a season to remember. The Leafs earned the school’s first-ever sectional title and reached the State’s Elite Eight. There were 11 2021 graduating seniors on the GHS team.

Awards were presented at the end-off-season event held for the team, with remarks from Joe Nichols, GHS Athletic Director and head varsity baseball coach.

Geneseo baseball team winners of 2021 Sectionals

-Drew Maertens – Glue Guy Award – “Defined as the player who always put the team first and kept the team together. This player was always one of the first players to show up and he would do the early set up. Behind-the-scenes type of worker that never looked for any credit or extra attention. Very much the heart and soul of our team chemistry.”

-Kyle Traphagan – Most Improved Player – “Defined as the person who improved most from start to end of season. Kyle is such a great athlete, but baseball sometimes is hard to excel at even for great athletes. Kyle really worked hard once we started and he improved every day.”

-Mitch Wirth – Outstanding Defensive Player – “Defined as our best defensive player. This player made many plays throughout the year that saved runs and hits. He also improved as the year went on which is a sign of a true pro.”

-Charlie Rice – Outstanding Pitcher – “Defined as our best pitcher. Not sure if he got his deserved recognition as the year went on due to facing the conference’s best pitcher every week. He was a real competitor on the mound and we always felt we had a chance with him on the mound.”

-PJ Moser – Outstanding Hitter – Defined as our best hitter. He put in more time than any player in the off-season. I think there is bed in the storage room at the Lumber Yard for him. Accounted for more runs than any other player on the team – led team in RBI and Runs scored.”

-Charlie Rice – Most Valuable Player – “Defined as the player who could not be replaced…We had four guys get votes for MVP, three of those guys got three or more votes. One guy got twice as many votes as any of the others. He was a quiet competitor who played so many different roles – leadoff, conference pitcher, SS, moved to 2B to help save his pitching arm.”