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Vacation from Hell

What hopefully was going to be a good fishing trip to Minnesota was hardly that! We shared a cabin on Pine Mountain Lake with Charlie and Lori Palmgren, Geneseo. We had a good time with them and their dog, Lucy Lu. The gals went shopping while Charlie and I rented a pontoon boat for fishing. We kept 29 nice size bluegills. During our 5 days stay we ate at some great restaurants in the Walker/Hackensack area. Of course, a trip to “Swansons” in Hackensack and “Reeds” in Walker was a must stop for fishing supplies. Those were some of the bright spots on the trip. The downward spiral started on day three. In that part of Minnesota they have suffered from little rain and the water level on many lakes was down. That brought submersed boulders closer to the surface. Can you see where this is going? So, here we are cruising along when “bang,” we hit solid rock and that did a real number on the 75 H.P. Mercury outboard. The repair cost was over a grand. Ah, but it gets better (Not!). On the way home we stopped for lunch at Owatonna and met with my cousin, Mike, and his wife, Rita, from Mankato. About an hour from there on I-35 South, I fell asleep driving about 70 m.p.h. We crashed into the road barriers which totaled our Subaru. Oddly, our side and front air bags did not deploy. We did not get hurt, but I was pinned in the driver’s seat and was scared a fire would start. With a crowbar the tow truck driver got me out. My cousin and his wife came an got us and we stayed overnight at their place. The next day they drove us to Rochester where we rented a GMC vehicle. The state police and tow truck folks were really nice. I also have praise for those type of roadside barriers which are about 4 feet high with three rows of cable. Had they not stopped my vehicle we would have gone in the opposite lane of traffic. We owe you one, God!

Birdman Fishes MN

Glen and Janet Anderson, Geneseo, recently returned from their fishing trip near Brainerd, MN. They were there about the same time we were, but we were farther north. Much of Minnesota has experienced a drought. Glen said he can catch all the panfish he wants, but he had to remind himself that he had to clean them, too! He tried bass fishing, but with not much luck. They did catch a few crappies. He said the locals told him the lakes were really low. We fishermen can always find an excuse why we sometimes don’t catch fish. Fortunately, the Andersons, Charlie Palmgren and myself did not get skunked!

Olympic Girls BB

That was a good girls basketball game between Japan and the USA. We won 90 to 75 for the gold medal. The advantage we had was height. I will say the Japanese ladies were fast on the court and made some really good shots.

Fishy Humor

What is Moby Dick’s favorite meal? “Fish ‘n Ships.” What do romantic fish sing to each other? “Salmon-chanted evening.” What fish like to swim naked? “Bare-a-cudas.” What kind of fish will help you hear better? “A herring aid.” How do you make a fish feel better? “Give it vitamin sea.”