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Larry Wieneke

This member of the Geneseo Izaak Walton League was awarded the Tobin Award at last month’s members meeting. The award read, “For the outstanding devotion to the Geneseo Izaak Walton Chapter. In recognition of your contributions to furthering the ideals of the Izaak Walton League. Larry is also on the Geneseo Ikes Board and is an excellent volunteer. Congratulations to Larry on receiving the award.

Ham ‘n Bean

Speaking of the Geneseo Ikes, they will be back to having their open-to-the-pubic, “Ham & Bean Supper” on Saturday, September 11, 2021, from 4 to 7 P.M.  It will be held at the Ikes Park, 1 mile north of Geneseo on Rt. 82. Seating will be outside so, let’s hope for nice weather. I believe this will be the first time they use their new picnic tables. The cost is only $8.00 per person with dessert at just two bucks! They will have a banjo player to add some entertainment for the evening.

Jeopardy Hosts

Being “Jeopardy” nerds, we were glad to see that Mike Richards and Mayim Bialik were chosen as new hosts of the popular game show.

StormThat storm that hit our area last week with winds of 40 to 61 m.p.h. was not welcome. A large tree branch knocked out power to 11 homes in our addition. Thanks to MidAmerican Energy, power was restored in about 13 hours. With temps in the 90s, it sure was great to have the air conditioning working again. We have a portable generator that we bought new 4 years ago and had not used it. Thanks to our next door neighbor, Jim Putnam, we got it fired-up and so power to our refrigerator, freezer and TV were made happy.


I don’t know what it is, but I just have not done a lot of fishing this summer. With many days in the high 80s and 90s, I just turned into a fair-weather fisherman.


What did Neptune say to Saturn? Give me a ring sometime. Why did the Martian leave the Mars party? He didn’t like the atmosphere. Why did the little skeleton feel left out? He had no body to play with. Why do elephants like to drive Volkswagens? Lots of trunk space. Lorna went to her doctor with some concerns about her memory. She forgets to pay bills, mail letters, and get groceries. She asked the doctor what she should do? Her doctor said, “Pay me in advance!”   Seven days went to their doctor. The doc asked what the problem was? They said, “We feel week.”