Ridgewood Roundup - Sports Preview

Tom Akers
Ridgewood Spartans

Spartans Preparing to Tee Off!

For the first time in over eight years the Ridgewood Spartans Golf Team will be teeing off without a Bumann on the scorecard. Four Bumanns; Thomas, William, head coach Shannon, and volunteer coach Jack have all moved on. Ganon Greenman and Madison Lindsey have also moved on from last year’s squad.

The new Spartans feature some familiar faces from last year’s team including seniors Kyle Nimrick, David Swanson, Nick Robbins, and Josh Maher, one sophomore, Jace Swanson, and a freshman Gracie Russell.

Also new to the program is first year head coach Mitch Magnafici. Coach Magnafici is from AlWood. A lifelong golfer, he is looking forward to working with this group of Spartans. The Spartans season began on August 12th with a match at Oakview Country Club against Mercer County.

Ridgewood Looking to Rally Around the Net

“Let’s go girls!” is the rallying cry of second year head coach Brooklyn Wexell. Wexell, coaching in her first full season of volleyball for the Ridgewood Spartans has a lot to be excited about. The Spartans, 5-9 overall in a shortened spring season, 4-6 in the conference, will field a deep and seasoned team coming into the 2021 season.

At the net Ridgewood will be able to field both height and power with Senior Hallica Warren Anderson in the middle front along with Paige Leander, Kati Jones, and Aleese Park. This is the tallest lineup the Spartans have had for a long time in the front row.

In the back row the Spartans will have seniors Alex Watt, Brook Jones, and Kyrstin Swanson. Brook Jones will serve as the setter for the Spartans while Lexi Kessinger will come in as the Libero. “I am looking forward to seeing how much the team has improved throughout the summer and watch the girls grow together as a team.

Wexell is joined by new assistant coaches Paige Wexell, Jensyn McKinney, and volunteer Savannah Forman. The Spartans will take the court for the first time on August 23rd in a match against Monmouth Roseville in Woodhull.

Spartans Open Season With Dual

The Ridgewood Spartans travelled to Oakview Country Club in Aledo on Thursday, August 12th for a dual meet with Mercer County. The Spartans lost to the Golden Eagles 183 to 167. The scoring for golf is the combination of the four lowest individual scores.

Robby Holtschlag from Mercer County was the medalist for the match with a score of 37 on the par 33 course. Kyle Nimrick was the top Spartans finishing with a 41 which landed him in third place. Gracie Russell scored a 42 while David Seanson put up a 48 and Josh Maher scored a 52 for the Spartans team score. Nick Robbins and Jace Swanson turned in scores of 58 and 65 respectively.