Geneseo 2021 Volleyball excited for season

Beth Welbers
Geneseo Republic
Casey Komel

Geneseo Varsity Volleyball Coach Casey Komel said the team is excited for their first game on Tuesday, Aug. 24, at Rock Falls, and their first at-home match on Saturday, Sept. 4.

“We are really excited to have a schedule a little closer to normal from last year,” she said. ‘There are still some things that we are getting used to, but that has more to do with our transition to the Western Big 6 (Saturday triangulars) than anything Covid-related.”

There are 16 varsity players on the GHS Varsity Team – nine seniors and four managers.

“We started the season really breaking down each position and having each player train in that position for a day,” Komel said. “Our goal is to train volleyball players as a whole as well as fine tuning players in their positions.”

“This year the program also has some of the best servers I have seen,” she said.

“We have two returning starters on varsity which means we are going to have a fresh team,” Komel said. “The two classes joining together to create the varsity team are still learning how they are meshing together on the court.”

Coaches for GHS Volley ball are Komel, Varsity; Ali Stern, sophomore; Jenna Reschke, freshmen; Kylie Gerhardt, assistant.