Geneseo Green Machine toasts Sandwich

Claudia Loucks
Will Taylor, No. 9, caught a total of nine passes in Geneseo’s recent victory over Sandwich

The Geneseo Football Team has two victories in their scorebook after making toast of the Sandwich Indians on Friday, Sept. 3, with final score of 55-7.

Western Big 6 play begins for Geneseo on Friday, Sept. 10, when they meet United Township High School at Bob Reade Football Field in Geneseo.

After the game with Sandwich, Geneseo Head Coach Larry Johnsen Jr. praised his team with, “I thought our offense was pretty crisp the whole night and I thought we really did a good job of taking what they gave us.”

Johnsen commented that the Geneseo defense did a better job as the night went on, “and adjusted to Sandwich’s offense. That style of offense is hard to simulate in practice….We did a great job of capitalizing on Sandwich’s mistakes.”

In looking back at his team’s first two games of the season which were both wins for Geneseo, Johnsen said, “The first two games were really good for us to get our feet underneath us. We know from now on, these conference games are going to get a lot tougher.”

In looking ahead to the Sept. 10 match up with UT, Coach Johnsen said, “Offensively, they do a great job of getting on their blocks and staying on you. They really kind of just absorb you.”

In their first two games this season, Johnsen said UT had a lot of big plays…”That tells me two things – 1. Well-coached, and 2. Great athletes.”

“Defensively, they play a style of defense similar to us,” he said. “Their second level players really play downhill; they attack the line of scrimmage. Overall, we really have our work cut out for us this week. UT has really improved under Coach Welch and his staff. It looks like he’s really connected with his players and they have bought into his system.”