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Vintage Farm Show

This free-to-the-public event will be held Saturday, Sept 18, and Sunday, Sept 19, 2021 at Bridge Park, 1903 E. 2120 St., Atkinson, IL. There are lots of neat vintage old farm equipment to see, good food and old fashion ice cream. On Saturday only, Dan Dauw, will present two programs on WW1. One at 10 a.m. and the other at 11 a.m. Some WW1 items will also be on display. There is plenty of free parking and modern restrooms. Hope to see you there!

Good Move Pritzker

I did not vote for the gentleman, but I do give him straight A’s for how he continues to handle the pandemic. Unrelated, but somewhere in Springfield land there are gun control bills awaiting the gov’s signature. In my opinion, the sixth letter down on the alphabet will fit him better if he signs some of the ridiculous, firearm legislation.

Bears Schedule

It’s kind of weird with the Bears’ game schedule. They start with playing away “at” the Rams, then home, then away, then home, etc. It’s that order all the way to the end of their regular season. They are the only NFL team with such a schedule. I don’t think the QB position will be a problem, but for me, the defense leaves a big question mark.

Ham ‘n Bean Event

Just a reminder that the Geneseo Izaak Walton Chapter will host their annual public “Ham & Bean Supper” on Saturday, September 11, 2021. The hours are from 4 to 7 p.m. and will be held at the Ikes Park, 1 mile north of Geneseo on Rt. 82. The cost is only $8.00 per person.


Birds love suet, but be careful not to let it sit for too long in temperatures above 50 degrees. I read in the Xplor publication that birds can get sick from suet cakes if left too long in hot temperatures.

My Fishing Pole Poem

My old fishing pole,

It still works today,

I’ve used it lots,

In a river and a bay;

So much line through

Her guides did go,

Many a lure, sent

Underwater below;

But do not worry,

Old pole of mine,

To throw you away,

Would be a crime!


What has four eyes and one mouth? The Mississippi River. Why did the sailor grab a bar of soap when his ship sank? To wash himself ashore. What’s a cat’s favorite cereal? Mice Krispies. Arlyn Helke went to his doctor because he was having a hard time sleeping. His doctor said, “Just lie right on the edge of your bed and you’ll soon drop off.”