Orion-Sherrard kickers earn three wins

Mindy Carls
Orion-Sherrard’s Ben Churchill, right, collides with Kewanee’s Jack Coombes during the match on Tuesday, Sept. 7, at Sherrard

Three wins in three games boosted the Orion-Sherrard record to 5-5 in varsity soccer.

United downed the Kewanee Boilermakers 2-1 on Tuesday, Sept. 7, in Sherrard. Two days later, Orion-Sherrard traveled to Bartonville and edged Limestone 3-2. On Saturday, Sept. 11, United defeated Abingdon-Avon 7-3 in Avon.

Orion-Sherrard scored the opening goal in fifth minute of the game with Kewanee. Cole Kimball converted a ball from Trey Erdmann. Eight minutes into the second half, Kewanee scored the equalizer. Alex Syslo put the winning goal on the board with a free kick.

United players took 36 shots. Kimball and Syslo had 11 each; Kian DeLoose, three; Ben Churchill, Alyus Johnson, Peyton Maynard and Austin Ferry, two apiece, and Luke Moen, Caden Wegerer and Chris Moody, one each. Kewanee had five shots.

The defense had 20 steals to seven for the Boilermakers. United’s steals were divided among Maynard, six; Wegerer, three; Churchill, Alyus Johnson, Syslo, Moen and Mike Diehl, two apiece, and Ferry, one.

Orion-Sherrard goalkeeper Cody Dutton had no saves. Kewanee’s had six.

On Thursday, Limestone scored the first goal in the 12th minute. The score remained 1-0 until Erdmann delivered a ball to Syslo for a goal in the 56th minute. Five minutes later, Syslo fed the ball to Alyus Johnson for the go-ahead goal.

In the 72nd minute, Limestone equalized the score at 2-2, but as time was running out Syslo scored the winning goal.

Orion-Sherrard’s offense fired at will, launching 38 shots. Syslo had 12; Alyus Johnson, nine; Erdmann, seven; Kimball, six; Moen, two; and Maynard and Wegerer, one each. Limestone had 11.

Getting steals were Churchill, Syslo and Moen, three apiece; Kimball and Erdmann, two each, and Alyus Johnson, Griffin Marshall, Diehl and Wegerer, one apiece. The Rockets had 11.

Cody Dutton made nine saves, and his Limestone counterpart totaled 17.

On Saturday, Orion-Sherrard had a 5-0 lead before Abingdon-Avon found the net. Churchill scored in the fifth minute on an Erdmann assist; Marshall, sixth minute, Kimball assist; Alyus Johnson, 11th minute, Erdmann assist; Kimball, 18th minute, Erdmann assist, and Kimball, 25th minute, Peyton Maynard assist.

A-Town scored on a penalty kick in the 39th minute.

Kimball completed his hat trick with a goal in the 52nd minute. Marshall fed him the ball.

Syslo scored unassisted in the 55th minute.

A-Town put the ball in the net in the 59th and 70th minutes.

Orion-Sherrard had 32 shots. Kimball had 10; Alyus Johnson, four; Syslo, Erdmann and Ferry, three each; Churchill and Maynard, two apiece, and Cody Dutton, Marshall, Diehl, Aaron Dutton and Moody, one each. A-Town had 16.

United had 33 steals. Wegerer had seven; Erdmann, five; Syslo and Maynard, four apiece; Cody Dutton and Diehl, three apiece; Churchill and Parker Larson, two each, and Ferry and Brady Whitcomb, one apiece.

In goal, Bob Johnson made five saves and Cody Dutton three. A-Town had 11.