Geneseo volleyball wins home tournament

Claudia Loucks
The Geneseo Volleyball Team dressed the part for their recent fundraiser for the American Heart Association. The team sponsored the event in place of their usual annual Breast Cancer Awareness night because of their connection to the program. It was reported that after senior Taylor Reuter was involved in an accident, doctors found she had a hole in her heart. She is not playing this season, but does serve as team manager when possible. Dressed in their special T-shirts are, in front from left, Cameron Moe, Chloe Reed, Triston Highton, Addison Smith, Madi Scott, Delainey VanRycke, Bailey Huizenga and Kylie DeJohn; in back, Lena Litherland, Hannah Copeland, Taylor Reuter, Alysia Perez, Alex Jones, Elysia Woulf, Maya Bieneman, Kammie Ludwig, Emma Frank, Aubrey VanKerrebroeck, Lauren Johnsen and Taylor Zvonik.
Kylie DeJohn in action at the Geneseo Invite.

The Geneseo Girls’ Volleyball Team filled the week of Sept. 2-11 with three home events and three wins.

The home tournament on Saturday, Sept. 11, saw GHS in competition with Kewanee, Wethersfield, Sherrard and Orion with Geneseo being the overall winner.

Coach Casey Komel said winning the home tournament “was our team’s goal for the past few weeks. The girls have been working hard day in and day out at practice. I was sad that we had to split our team for today in order to fill the 8-team tournament, but our JV helped push us during the semifinals game in order to prepare to win during the championship match.”

“Even with some ups and downs during prior matches and practices, the girls put their hard work to work today and came out champions,” she said. “I’m also very proud and excited for the JV team we created Friday night. They fought all day to earn a spot in the winner’s bracket and came home in fourth place…All around it was a great day for volleyball in Geneseo!”

GHS varsity overall at 12-4; WB6: 4-0.


-GENESEO VS. KEWANEE (WIN 25-12 and 25-14).

-GENESEO VS. SHERRARD JV ( Win 25-11 and 25-9).

-GENESEO VS. ORION (Win 25-22, 13-25 and 15-6).




-Kills - Hannah Copeland, 46; Kammie Ludwig, 16; Kylie DeJohn, 9; and Lauren Johnsen, 9.

--Assists – Lauren Johnsen, 57; and Alysia Perez, 25.

-Aces – Lauren Johnsen, 12; Hannah Copeland, 11; and Alysia Perez, 4.

-Digs – Delainey VanRycke, 36; Hannah Copeland, 27; and Kammie Ludwig, 18.

-Blocks – Hannah Copeland, 13 (assist); and 4 (solo); Aubrey VanKerrebroeck, 10 (assist); and 3 (solo); Kammie Ludwig, 2 (assist); and 1 (solo); Emma Frank, 3 (assist).

GENESEO VS. GALESBURG ON SEPT. 7, 2021 (25-10 and 25-23).

It has always been a competitive game against Galesburg and Coach Komel said, “We knew going in that we would need to set the pace of the game. The first set the team did a really nice job of that. The second set Galesburg found some of our holes and was able to tool off of our blocks really well to make an even more competitive second set.”

“With their team not being complete (on Sept. 9), we will definitely need to come prepared to play a tough game with long rallies the next time we see them,” she said.

VARSITY (OVERALL: 6-4; WB6: 3-0)

-Kills – Hannah Copeland, 5; Lauren Johnsen, 4; Aubrey VanKerrebroeck, 3.

-Assists – Alysia Perez, 8; Lauren Johnsen, 7.

-Aces – Lauren Johnsen, 7.

-Digs – Hannah Copeland, 6; Delainey VanRycke, 5; Lauren Johnsen, 4.

-Blocks – Hannah Copeland, 2 (solo); Lauren Johnsen, 1 (solo); Emma Frank, 1 (solo); Aubrey VanKerrebroeck, 1 (solo).


FRESHMEN (OVERALL: 3-2; WB6: 2-1).

GENESEO VS. UNITED TOWNSHIP ON SEPT. 9, 2021 (25-16, 14-25 and 25-21).

“Tonight (Thursday, Sept. 9) was a great night in the gym,” Coach Casey Komel said. “We had wins at all three levels and we were able to raise money for the American Heart Association. The varsity match presented our team with the opportunity to see some of the areas where we need to improve. United Township did a really nice job of playing the short game and making us move on defense which we had a hard time doing throughout the match. Thankfully, the team was able to adapt and put the pressure on to finish in the third set.”

-Kills – Hannah Copeland, 7; Lauren Johnsen, 4; Kammie Ludwig, 3.

-Assists – Lauren Johnsen, 8; Alysia Perez, 3; Delainey VanRycke, 2.

-Aces – Lauren Johnsen, 3; Alysia Perez, 3; Hannah Copeland, 1; Kammie Ludwig, 1.

-Digs – Delainey VanRycke, 13; Hannah Copeland, 9; Lauren Johnsen, 8.

-Blocks – Hannah Copeland, 5 (assist); Kylie DeJohn, 3 (assist); Aubrey Vankerrebroeck, 2 (assist).


FRESHMEN (OVERALL: 4-2; WB6: 3-1).