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Charlie Palmgren

Lorna and I are very, very sad at the passing away of this very good friend. Our hearts and prayers go out to his wife, Lori, and his children. He passed away on Sunday, September 19th. He was a great guy and we are going to miss him so much. God be with his soul.

Miracle Bluegrass Band

Wow! Do these 3 ladies and 6 gentlemen know how to perform Bluegrass music. A few weeks ago they performed for the Geneseo Kiwanis “Guest Night” folks at the Community Center. They played both gospel and old time country music. Before they started, I asked one of their band members, Lyn Paris, if they needed an extra singer, as I would be available. He put a chair for me outside on the parking lot. All kidding aside, they were really, really good!


A friend of mine, “DC,” recently gave me an interesting book entitled, “When Books Went To War” by Molly G. Manning. It focuses on how important books were for the military persons serving “over there.” It also covered how Hitler and his cronies’ banned books and authors that did not agree with Nazism. In May, 1933, tens of thousands of books were burned in Berlin and in towns across Germany. At the end of WW2, more than one hundred million volumes had been destroyed in Europe by the Nazis. Books were extremely important to most American service men and women during the war. In 1943 our War Department and the publishing industries distributed 120 million “paperback” books. They were small and lightweight making it easier to carry. Fast forwarding to today, I wonder if the world of electronics is more used than the traditional book? For this guy, I’ll stick with the “old fashion” book.

IL-Firearm Bill

This bill (Public Act 102-0237) was signed on 8/2/2021 by our Governor. I got a copy of the bill from Representative Tony McCombie’s office. Geeez, one needs a lawyer to figure it all out. I have not the space to cover the entire bill, but some of it pertains to the IL State Police to develop an Internet-based system by July 1, 2022. It provides that beginning January 1, 2024, any person who is not a federally licensed firearm dealer, before selling or transferring a firearm, must contact the Illinois State Police. There is a lot more red tape in reference to the FOID card and Conceal Carry permit.

Any person who receives a firearm, stun or laser gun from a person who is not a federally licensed dealer will have to provide a record of the transfer within 10 days of the transfer. The person will have to go through a federally licensed firearm dealer. The dealer may charge up to $25.00 to retain the record. I wish I could provide more info on the subject, but I have more questions than answers at this point. As a gun owner, I see more baloney down the pike from some of our legislators. At least I have one vote, well, unless I move to Chicago!


Two weeks ago we went to the Geneseo airport to see those beautiful WW2 Stearman aeroplanes. At last count there were 76 of those old bi-wing, training planes at the Gen-Air field. I hope folks thanked those who fixed a great lunch of barbecued pork chops, corn, coleslaw and dessert. Between the 1930s and 1940s there were 10,626 Stearmans built.

Amongst many others, Dan and Lorna Dauw enjoyed a day at the Stearman fly-in. This plane was used as a trainer for WW2 pilots.

No Humor

I think I’ll just skip the “Humor” article as I don’t feel much humor with this revised column. God bless you, Charlie Palmgren, you helped a lot of people and organizations while on this earth. I shall miss our weekly coffee stops, Minnesota fishing trips, and the list goes on. God be with you, Charlie.