Orion spikers place third

Mindy Carls
Orion’s Jennie Abbott passes the ball during the varsity volleyball match with Monmouth-Roseville on Thursday, Sept. 16, in the Charger gym

Orion won three of four matches for third place at the Judy Richmond tournament on Saturday, Sept. 18 at Mercer County High School in Aledo.

The Chargers boosted their record to 9-11 overall.

In the first game, Orion defeated Ashton-Franklin Center 25-13, 25-21.

Charger servers delivered 10 aces, including five by Avery Knupp, three by Rachel Bowers and two by Kennedy DeBaillie.

The team’s 15 kills were divided among Knupp, seven; Abby Watson, three, and Courtney Farwell, Kasey Filler, Mimi Carter, Bowers and Zoe Larkins, one each.

Dishing 26 assists were Jennie Abbott, 12; Larkins, nine; Knupp and DeBaillie, two apiece, and Farwell, one.

Knupp blocked two shots.

Sherrard topped Orion 25-21, 15-25, 15-12 in the second match. The Tigers went on to win the tournament.

Orion servers landed 10 aces. Knupp and Abbott delivered four and Emmalyn Foster and Bowers, one each.

The Chargers made 22 kills, with Knupp getting seven; Carter, four; Watson and Bowers, three apiece; Farwell, two, and Filler, Abbott and DeBaillie, one each.

Assists were credited to Abbott, nine; Larkins, seven; Knupp, three; Foster, Carter and Farwell, one apiece.

Knupp and Bowers each had a block.

During the third game, Orion defeated Barry Western 25-16, 26-17. Barry is a town south of Quincy.

The Chargers had nine aces. Bowers served four; Abbott, three, and Ariel Nelson and Knupp, one apiece.

Orion had 19 kills, with Bowers tallying six; Knupp, five; Carter, three; Farwell, two, and Larkins, Filler and Watson, one each.

The team’s 17 assists were divided among Larkins, nine; Abbott, six, and Foster and DeBaillie, one apiece.

In the fourth game, Orion defeated Henry-Senachwine 25-13, 21-25, 15-7.

The Chargers served 11 aces, with Foster notching four; Bowers, three; Larkins, two, and Knupp and Abbott, one each.

Twenty-eight kills powered the offense. Knupp hit 10; Bowers, six; Carter, five; Watson, four; Farwell, two, and Filler, one.

Of the 25 assists, Larkins and Abbott had 12 each and Foster, one.

Farwell blocked two shots.

The month started with Orion defeating Erie-Prophetstown, 25-19, 26-24 on Wednesday, Sept. 1, in Prophetstown.

Orion’s six aces were credited to Knupp, Foster and Bowers, two each.

The Chargers had 12 kills, including four by Knupp, three by Bowers, two by Filler and one each by Watson, Farwell and Carter.

Adding to the team total of 11 assists were Abbott, seven; Larkins, three, and DeBaillie, one.

Carter had two blocks and Knupp, Farwell and Bowers, one each.

Sherrard defeated Orion 25-13, 16-21, 25, 25-21 on Tuesday, Sept. 7, in the Tiger gym.

Of Orion’s eight aces, Knupp served five and Foster, DeBaillie and Bowers, one each.

The Chargers powered their offense with 29 kills. Knupp had 10; Bowers, nine; Carter, five; Watson and Farwell, two, and Larkins, one.

Setting up the hitters with 23 assists were Abbott, 11; Larkins, 10, and DeBaillie, two.

Watson had two blocks and Carter, one.

Riverdale downed Orion 25-17, 25-18 on Thursday, Sept. 9, in the Charger gym.

Orion served three aces, including one each by Knupp, Foster and Bowers.

Twenty-three kills were divided among Knupp, 10; Bowers, five; Carter, three; Watson and Farwell, two each, and Filler, one.

Chargers collecting assists were Larkins, 10; Abbott, six; DeBaillie, two, and Bowers, one.

Orion had three wins in five matches at the Geneseo Invitational on Saturday, Sept. 11. Two of the losses were to teams that reached the finals.

In the first match, Orion defeated Kewanee 25-23, 25-15.

Of the 10 aces, Abbott was credited with four; DeBaillie and Bowers, two each, and Watson and Knupp, one apiece.

The Chargers totaled 18 kills. Knupp had nine; Carter, three; Watson and Larkins, two each, and Filler and Bowers, one apiece.

Setting up the hitters were Larkins, eight assists; Abbott, seven, and Bowers, one.

Watson had one block.

In the second match, Orion defeated Geneseo JV 25-13, 25-20.

Landing aces were Knupp, two, and DeBaillie and Bowers, one each.

The team’s 25 kills belonged to Knupp, nine; Watson, five; Filler and Larkins, three apiece; Bowers, two, and Foster, DeBaillie and Carter, one each.

Tallying assists were Larkins, eight; Abbott, six; DeBaillie, two, and Farwell and Foster, one apiece.

Watson and Bowers each blocked a shot.

The third game saw Wethersfield prevailed over Orion 25-16, 25-20. Wethersfield went on to place second.

Four aces were divided among Knupp, Abbott, DeBaillie and Bowers, one each.

Nineteen kills kept Orion in the match. Knupp and Bowers had seven apiece; Carter, two, and Farwell, Abbott and Filler, one each.

Setting up the hitters were Larkins, nine; Abbott, five; Foster, two, and DeBaillie, one.

Watson and Knupp each blocked a shot.

In the fourth game, Geneseo defeated Orion 25-22, 12-25, 15-6. Geneseo won the invitational.

Larkins landed two aces and Knupp and Bowers, one each.

Orion had 23 kills. Knupp made nine; Bowers, seven; Watson, four; Farwell, two, and Larkins, one.

Larkins passed for nine assists; Abbott, seven, and Foster, one.

Orion went to the net for six blocks. Farwell and Bowers had two and Watson and Carter, one each.

Orion defeated Sherrard JV 25-20, 18-25, 15-11 in the fifth and final game.

Bowers served three aces and Abbott, one.

Of the 20 kills, Farwell had five; Knupp, Watson and Bowers, four each; Filler, two, and Larkins, one.

Abbott collected nine assists; Larkins, seven, and Foster, one.

Farwell blocked a shot.

Monmouth-Roseville topped Orion 25-22, 27-25, a score almost as close as it could get, on Thursday, Sept. 16, in the Charger gym.

Seven aces were divided among Foster and Abbott, two apiece, and Knupp, DeBaillie and Bowers, one each.

Orion recorded 23 kills. Knupp had 11; Bowers, seven, and Watson, Farwell, Foster, Carter and Filler, one apiece.

With assists were Abbott, nine; Larkins, seven; Foster and DeBaillie, two each, and Bowers, one.

Bowers blocked a shot.