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Great Revivalist

Two weeks ago we tried lunch at the Great Revivalist Brew Lab restaurant in Geneseo. I ordered the “French Quarter” which was seared blackened grouper. The grouper sandwich had lettuce, tomato, onion and Creole Aioli. It was unbelievably good! If you love fish like I do, make sure to try it. We ate outside on their patio which was nice. Our food server, “Emily,” was excellent!


These are becoming popular. They are half pedal/half motorized (battery powered). They are not cheap, starting around $2,000.00 to over $8,000.00 for more expensive models. There is an excellent article about e-bikes in the October, 2021, issue of Midwest Game & Fish magazine. Here in Illinois, you do not need a permit to ride an e-bike, but you must be age 16 or older. E-bikes are not allowed to go over 20 m.p.h. I suspect as the price goes down, there will be more such hybrid bikes on bike trails. That makes me wonder if they are allowed on the Hennepin Canal bike path? Nationwide, in some places e-bikes are treated as bicycles, but in others, they are seen as motorized off-road vehicles.


With the recent passing of good friend, Charlie Palmgren, I thought I’d up-date my obituary. It will make it easier for Lorna and our kids to cover that part of the funeral. They can also add or eliminate sentences in the OB. Of course, I could not fill in the date of my demise. I do know that obituaries are not cheap in newspapers. Long story short, if you’re in those “Golden Years,” you might want to write your obituary and help out your loved ones before you check out.

Deer Darting Danger

As we are fast approaching the rut season, whitetails are not always thinking about the dangers of running across our backroads and highways. This is especially true in the early morning and evening hours. Use your high beams at night when safe to do so. Remember that often times when you see one deer along the road there may be two or three more hidden from view. Hitting a deer is not a good way to put venison on the dinner table.

October Trout Fishing

The Illinois Fall Trout Season will start on Saturday, October 16, 2021, beginning at 5 a.m. at Moline’s Prospect Park Lagoon. The other closest trout fishing location is at the Hennepin 

Canal Parkway, Sheffield, which opens at 6 a.m. The WHBF program manager said he would also have something about it, but as of now, he doesn’t know exactly when.

Farm Pond Fee

I recently read an article in Successful Farming on a way to make some extra cash for farmers by charging the public a fee to fish in their farm pond. I suspect one would have to check with their insurance company if they started that venture. The pond may have to be stocked occasionally and maybe a limit on the fish taken home, but it is an interesting concept.


Last week, Bob Mays went to get a haircut. He told his barber he wanted one sideburn about 2 inches longer than the other one. He also wanted a 3” strip of hair cut straight down the center of his head. Lastly, he asked to have a zig-zag inch of hair taken off in the back of his head. His barber said, “Bob, I can’t do that!” Bob said, “Well, you managed it the last time I was here!” Tony Simon likes to do magic tricks. The other day he told me he could make a golf ball float. I said, “No way. How can you do that?” He said, “You take a glass, add two scoops of ice cream, some root bear and top it off with a golf ball.” Maybe he should stick to playing golf.