Geneseo Volleyball - one win and one loss

Claudia Loucks
Bailey Huizenga, No. 9; Lauren Johnsen, No. 4; and Kammie Ludwig, No. 5; in action at the Geneseo Volleyball games against Moline and Alleman.

The Geneseo Girls’ Volleyball Team beat Alleman and lost to Moline at the recent triangular meet.

Head Coach Casey Komel said, “We weren’t thrilled the way we came out against Moline. They’re a great team, but we did not show up with our normal team. It made it hard to find momentum to earn any points, let alone go on runs against a strong team defensively and offensively.”

“We were able to find some of our connections as we took the court against Alleman, but Alleman continued to hustle and keep the ball alive, in ways that we weren’t anticipating and it made for a really exciting match,” she said.

The end of conference play is nearing an end, and Komel said, "We are eager to start building our confidence and consistency to try to stay in the top half once all matches are over.”

GENESEO VS. ALLEMAN ON SEPT. 25, 2021, WIN (25-25 and 25-21)

-Kills – Lauren Johnsen, 5; Hannah Copeland, 3; Aubrey VanKerrebroeck, 2; Alysia Perez, 2.

-Assists – Lauren Johnsen, 8; Alysia Perez, 5.

-Aces – Alysia Perez, 4; Kammie Ludwig, 3; Triston Highton, 1.

-Digs – Delainey VanRycke, 6; Alysia Perez, 5; Bailey Huizenga, 4.

-Blocks – Hannah Copeland, 2 (assist); Lauren Johnsen, 1 (assist); Kylie DeJohn, 1 (assist); Emma Frank, 1 (solo).

GENESEO VS. MOLINE ON SEPT. 25, 2021 LOSS (9-25 and 16-25).

-Kills – Kammie Ludwig, 2; Lauren Johnsen, 1; Hannah Copeland, 1; Alysia Perez, 1.

-Assists – Lauren Johnsen, 3; Alysia Perez, 2.

-Aces – Alysia Perez, 2. Lauren Johnsen, 1; Bailey Huizenga, 1.

-Digs – Bailey Huizenga, 9; Delainey VanRycke, 5; Kammie Ludwig, 2; Triston Highton, 2.

-Blocks – Hannah Copeland, 2 (assist); Aubrey VanKerrebroeck, 1 (assist); Emma Frank, 1 (solo); Alysia Perez, 1 (assist).