Orion-Sherrard wins its own tournament

Mindy Carls
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Orion-Sherrard outscored opponents 10-2 to win its own tournament on Saturday, Oct. 2, at Charger Field. Victories in three 60-minute matches improved the team’s record to 13-8.

After taking a 3-1 lead over Riverdale before intermission, United went on to prevail 4-2.

Orion-Sherrard’s Peyton Maynard scored in the third minute off a ball from Cole Kimball. Jayden Thomson took a pass from Trey Erdmann for a 2-0 lead in the 11th minute.

Austin Ferry fed the ball to Thomson for the third goal of the half.

Riverdale scored its first goal in the 22nd minute.

After intermission, Orion-Sherrard’s Ben Churchill netted a goal off a pass from Alyus Johnson in the 38th minute. Riverdale closed out the scoring 15 minutes later.

Orion-Sherrard fired off 19 shots. Erdmann and Thomson had five each; Alyus Johnson and Kimball, three apiece; Churchill, Maynard and Griffin Marshall, one each. Riverdale had 12.

United had 23 steals. Caden Wegerer made seven; Erdmann, five; Ferry, three; Brady Whitcomb and Mike Diehl, two, and Kimball, Maynard, Kian DeLoose and Bob Johnson, one each.

Cody Dutton had seven saves for Orion-Sherrard, while the Ram keeper had six.

Orion-Sherrard whitewashed Abingdon-Avon 5-0 in another tournament match. Alyus Johnson posted a hat trick, scoring on assists from Erdmann in the fifth minute, from Thomson in the 13th minute and from DeLoose in the 31st minute.

United also got a goal from Thomson in the 18th minute. Chris Moody worked the ball to Thomson. In the 51st minute, Thomson directed the ball to Cody Dutton for the final goal.

Orion-Sherrard launched 27 shots. Cody Dutton had five; Alyus Johnson and Thomson, four each; Churchill, three; Kimball, Erdmann, Wegerer, and Bob Johnson, two apiece, and Maynard, DeLoose and Moody, one each. A-Town had four.

Fifteen United players contributed to Orion-Sherrard’s 50 steals. Erdmann had 10; Wegerer, six; Maynard and Whitcomb, five each; Churchill, Diehl, Ferry and Bob Johnson, three apiece; Kimball, Marshall, DeLoose, Aaron Dutton and Jackson Landuit, two each, and Parker Larson and Thomson, one apiece. A-Town had four.

Orion-Sherrard rounded out the day with a 1-0 win over Princeton. The goal came off the foot of Erdmann, who converted a ball from DeLoose in the 27th minute.

United took 13 shots, three from Thomson, two each from Alyus Johnson, Kimball, Maynard and Erdmann and one apiece from Churchill and Marshall. Princeton took four.

Orion-Sherrard made 22 steals. Maynard had four; Erdmann, Wegerer and DeLoose had three each; Churchill, Diehl, Thomson and Whitcomb, two each, and Kimball, one. Princeton had nine.

Cody Dutton made 10 saves, and his Princeton counterpart, four.

Chillicothe Illinois Valley Central edged Orion-Sherrard 2-0 on Tuesday, Sept. 28, in Sherrard.

United had 15 shots, with Erdmann contributing five; Kimball, three; Marshall, two, and Alyus Johnson, DeLoose and Thomson, one each. IVC had 20.

Orion-Sherrard pulled off 38 shots. Erdmann had 12; Wegerer, seven; Churchill, Alyus Johnson, four; Whitcomb, three; Diehl and Thomson, two each, and Marshall, Kimball, Ferry and Moody, one each. IVC had 18.

Cody Dutton made 11 saves and IVC 10.

Alleman defeated Orion-Sherrard 4-1 on Thursday, Sept. 30, at the Alleman Athletic Complex in Moline.

United’s only goal came in the 53rd minute, when Thomson converted a ball from Erdmann.

Orion-Sherrard fired off 22 shots, including Kimball’s six and Erdmann’s five. DeLoose, Ferry and Thomson had three each and Alyus Johnson, Marshall, Aaron Dutton, one apiece. Alleman had 20.

United made 43 steals. Wegerer and Thomson had seven each; Churchill, six; Kimball, five; Erdmann, four; Diehl, Ferry and Brady, three; DeLoose two; and Alyus Johnson, Marshall and Bob Johnson, one each. Alleman had 16.

Orion-Sherrard’s Cody Dutton had 11 saves. The Pioneers’ keeper had nine.