Geneseo volleyball had a busy week

Claudia Loucks
Geneseo varsity volleyball players defeated Dixon at the recent tournament held in Dixon. Shown in action are, No. 24 Emma Frank; No. 5, Kammie Ludwig; No. 23, Delainey VanRycke; No. 13 Alysia Perez and No. 4 Lauren Johnsen.

The Geneseo Volleyball Team had a full week with games against United Township on Oct. 5; against Moline on Oct. 7, and the Dixon Tournament on Oct. 9.

Geneseo traveled to United Township High School in East Moline and won the match in two games – 25-18 and 25-10.

Varsity Coach Casey Komel said, “Tonight we had a lot of teammates step up to get the win. It was really awesome to see each team come out with 2-0 wins against a program that has a lot of energy. They don’t let a lot hit the floor on defense which makes us have to work harder on offense and I think we did a nice job of meeting them and their energy.”

The freshman team also won, 25-6 and 25-11. The sophomore team won in scores of 25-16 and 25-13.


-Kills: - Hannah Copeland, 8; Kylie DeJohn, 2; Lauren Johnsen, 1; Bailey Huizenga, 1; Maya Bieneman, 1.

-Assists: - Lauren Johnsen, 6; Alysia Perez, 5.

-Aces: – Lauren Johnsen, 2; Kammie Ludwig, 2; Bailey Huizenga, 1; Delainey VanRycke, 1; Alysia Perez, 1.

-Digs: – Alysia Perez, 6; Bailey Huizenga, 5; Delainey VanRycke, 5.

-Blocks: -Aubrey VanKerrebroeck, 2 (assist); Hannah Copeland, 1 (assist) 1 (solo); Emma Frank, 1 (assist).


On Thursday, the GHS team fell to Moline at Geneseo. The freshman won in three games of 18025; 25-20 and 25-20. The sophomore squad lost in two games of 11-25 and 11-25.

About the Geneseo vs. Moline game, Coach Komel said, “Tonight the team found their final 1 %. We have been working hard on a lot of our skills and have been making improvements. Tonight they were finally able to go that last 1 % and the energy on the court and in the gym was incredible.”

“I’m so proud of the team for their hard work tonight against the top team in the conference,” she said. “Moline is an incredibly talented team and they always do a nice job of running a fast, controlled offense and tonight was no different. It was great to see our team compete with them.”

GENESEO VARSITY VS. MOLINE (Loss: 16-25; 24-26).

-Kills: - Alysia Perez, 3; Kammie Ludwig, 3; Hannah Copeland, 2; Kylie DeJohn, 2.

-Assists: - Lauren Johnsen, 8; Alysia Perez, 3.

-Aces: – Lauren Johnsen, 3; Alysia Perez, 3; Kammie Ludwig, 1.

-Digs: – Hannah Copeland, 5; DeLainey VanRycke, 4; Kammie Ludwig, 4.

-Blocks: - Hannah Copeland, 3 (solo) 1 (assist); Alysia Perez, 1 (assist); Emma Frank, 1 (solo).

On Saturday, Oct. 9, the GHS team traveled to Dixon where they competed against four schools. The results:

-Geneseo vs. Belvidere: Won in two games of 23-21 and 21-14.

-Geneseo vs. Dunlap: Lost in three games of 17-21; 21-14 and 12-15.

-Geneseo vs. Scales Mound: Won in two games of 22-20 and 21-14.

-Geneseo vs. Dixon: Won in three games of 21-14; 16-21 and 15-11.

Coach Komel said, “It was a great day of competitive volleyball during all matches. Today, our goal was to meet challenges head on and learn to work through them so that we could prepare for post season. We were given many opportunities to be challenged and I couldn’t be more proud of how the team handled themselves.”

Geneseo’s record stands at 20-9 overall and -4 in WB6.