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Dan Dauw
On Sept 18th, Kiki Pergracke, Living Lands & Water & Bison Bridge Foundation, received two awards from the Illinois Izaak Walton League.  The late Charlie Palmgren, President, Illinois Izaak Walton League, had presented the awards. One plaque was the Citizens Action Award and the other, the Good Neighbor Award.

Illinois IWLA

Last month the Illinois Division of the Izaak Walton League of America held their Fall Director’s meeting at the Giant Goose Conservation Education Workshop, Atkinson, IL. At the meeting, the Division presented two awards. The first award was the Citizens Action Award. It was awarded to “The Bison Bridge Foundation IL/IA”. The foundation is building a grassroots effort and professional concept to save and repurpose the I-80 bridge. A new bridge will be built close to the current one. The “old” bridge would then be turned into a unique wildlife crossing and pedestrian parkway for locals and visitors to experience the beauty of the Mississippi River. A few bison would also have an area on which to graze. The second award, the “Good Neighbor Award,” was presented to “The Volunteers of the Living Lands and Waters Organization.” Chad Pergracke is the founder of LL & W and is known nationwide for he and his volunteers helping to clean-up our country’s rivers and streams. He also started the Bison Bridge Foundation. The Illinois Izaak Walton President, Charlie Palmgren, presented both awards to Chad’s mother, Kiki Pergracke. Sadly, Charlie passed away the very next day.

Girl Scouts

I received a nice e-mail from Geneseo’s Meghan Scheider, Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa & Western Illinois. She wanted all to know that the Magazine and Nut Program is going strong. You will still have the opportunity to order magazines, nuts, and chocolates to be shipped directly to you. You can place your orders until November 21, 2021. Meghan said that if her troop can reach its goal, they will be able to do all the fun activities they have planned. For additional information go to: email@mail.gsnutsandmags.com. The Geneseo, IL, Izaak Walton League volunteers host a fishing seminar for the girl scouts. It is held three or four days during the summer at the Ikes Park along the Hennepin Canal. The young ladies really liked fishing. The Geneseo Ikes supplied the fishing gear.

Trout Fish’n

I may have lost a lot of my abilities, but the old boy still knows how to catch rainbows. The Illinois fall trout season opened on Saturday, October 16, and it’s been as good fishing as it was last spring. Trout really battle when hooked and we love the sweet taste of trout. The limit is 5 trout. I thought the trout were a bit small at the Prospect Lagoon location, but not so at the Sheffield location. Not sure why that is? Two keys for putting trout in your frying pan is to arrive very early to get a good spot and use the right bait. For me, live minnows are “the” bait! There are a lot of ills in our state, but the IL-DNR trout stocking program is not one of them.

40 & 8

Shame on me for letting my membership expire at LaChateau Park, Annawan. I made amends to that last week. The caretakers, who are about the nicest folks you’ll want to meet, told me the crappies are really biting. I know they are good size, you just have to locate them. Hint: Just across from the boat ramp, slightly northwest, large dead tree, fish deep!


Last week I was walking along State St. when I saw a fellow carrying a sign while walking a dog. The sign read, “Talking dog for sale, $10.” I couldn’t believe it when the dog said, “Please buy me. I’m a great dog and I played pro-football for the Bears!” I said to the man, “Why would you sell him for only ten dollars?” The dog’s owner said, “He never played professional football and I can’t stand liars!”