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Dan Dauw
These young lads from Geneseo Boy Scout Troop 100                                         recently helped the Geneseo Izaak Walton volunteers                                         to clean-up the Ikes Park.

Jeopardy Question

Lorna and I are big fans of the TV game show, “Jeopardy.” One thing that bothers me is this. Contestant James Holzhauer, won over a million bucks and answered most every question. Suddenly, he seemed to stop answering the questions. He just drew quiet? Odd! Then Jeopardy’s next millionaire was Matt Amodio. Again, after so many successful weeks on  the show, he also becomes quiet? Coincidence? I’m old enough to remember the TV show, “64 Thousand Dollar Question.” It was found that winners, including the big winner, Charles Van Doran, had been told the questions and answers in advance. The producers of the show, to boost ratings, chose topics they knew the contestants could answer. The contestants were also told how to act on the show. In this case, let’s hope history isn’t repeating itself. I still watch Jeopardy, but with a little suspicion.

Thanks, Scouts!

Two weeks ago, the Geneseo Izaak Walton League held their fall clean-up task at the Ikes Park. A special, nice touch was the help of volunteer boy scouts from Geneseo Troop 100. It teaches the young lads the importance of volunteerism. So, thank you boys for helping to keep the park looking nice.

My Poem

In this world of useless folly, among turmoil and strife,

let’s reflect with fondness, our friends who help us through life!

So, my soul will be me when my last breath is gone,

but my true friends’ love shall carry on!

Wild Game Reminder

Don’t forget that tomorrow, Saturday, Nov 6, 2021, the Boy Scout Troop 131 are hosting their annual “Wild Game Feast” of bison, pheasant, duck, venison, salmon, turkey, chicken and all the trimmings. The hours are 4:30 to 7 p.m. at the Geneseo Moose Lodge. There will be a Silent Auction, too! Donations for various age groups are requested.


Tony Simon invented bug spray. He told me that he started from scratch. Lorna and I tried to book a room on the moon, but it was full. Captain Kirk went into the ladies’ room by mistake, or could it be he wanted to go where no man had gone before? A largemouth bass told me he needed surgery so I connected him with a sturgeon.