Geneseo Boys basketball Nov. 19 scrimmage kicks off "Not Normal Season"

Claudia Loucks
Coach Brad Storm

The 2021 Geneseo High School Boys Basketball season will begin with a Scrimmage Night on Friday, Nov. 19.

The schedule on Nov. 19:

-5:30-6:15 – 100 Ft. for Charity.

-6:20-6:25 – Freshman warm-ups.

-6:25-6:40 – 15-minute running clock – Freshman Scrimmage.

-6:40-6:50 – Varsity warm-ups – possible introduction of Middle School teams.

-6:50 – 7:10 – 20-minute running clock – Varsity Scrimmage.

-7:10-7:25 – Regulation 8-minute quarter Freshman Scrimmage.

-7:25 – 7:40 – Regulation 8-minute quarter Varsity Scrimmage.

-7:40-7:50 – 10-minute running clock zone segment –Varsity Scrimmage.

-7:50 – 8:00 – Rainbow Shot for any player or fan who wants to participate.


When Head Coach Brad Storm was asked about the upcoming season, he said, “Normalcy will not return to the Maple Leafs season this year. As of now, we are still wearing masks to play. But, that is not what is so abnormal. We are kind of used to having masks on now, anyway.”

“What is abnormal is that we have no sophomores who chose to continue with basketball,” he said. “Zero. It was a really small class to begin with. There were also a couple varsity aged players who stepped away. I really wasn’t given any good reason for players not to continue playing. There were the typical excuses of not wanting to get to get hurt, instead wanting to focus on another sport, not having enough ‘love’ for the game, etc. But, I truly believe that even they know that the benefits gained from basketball would outweigh those other excuses in most cases.”

“From what I could read between the lines and/or gather from other players is that some of them were using last season as a barometer to determine what high school basketball is like, which was a mistake because last year was not a normal year in how we did anything.”

Coach Storm referred to the first week of practice as being “already very different from what we could do last year when a season was surprisingly dumped on us and we had to play so many games in a short time. It really wasn’t a great experience that way. And, secondly, we play in an extremely tough boys’ basketball conference with really talented athletes.”