Geneseo Boys basketball split two conference games

Claudia Loucks
Bristol Lewis

Geneseo High School Basketball Coach Brad Storm referred to the week as “a tale of two different scenarios,” with the GHS boys’ team traveling to Moline early in the week and hosting Alleman on Friday, Dec. 10, in their home gym. Geneseo lost to Moline and won the Alleman game.

“On Tuesday, we had to go on the road to Moline, one of the conference favorites, and saw first hand how good they can be as we had a running clock put on us for the fourth quarter,” Storm said. “On Friday, we got to play in our gym against the team predicted to finish last and we got a glimpse of how good we can play at times with a running clock, 42-point win over Alleman.”

“In both cases, I feel like we learned some things and got better,” he added.

Coach Storm recalled last year’s contest with Moline and said, “Last year we went to Moline and didn’t even compete. We just didn’t even play hard, or try to do what we do in our system. This year, even though we lost, I felt like we competed much better. We tried to execute our game plan and we did it with way more energy. Moline was just a lot better that night.”

Moline shot 56 percent on field goals for the game, including 68 percent in the second quarter when they opened up the game, Storm said, and added, “The Maple Leafs shot only 38 percent for the game, partially due to the Moline defense, but also just missed a lot of shots that normally fall.”

“We need to remember, most of those Moline players work on basketball year-round,” he said. “They area bound to be way ahead of us at this point. But our challenge is to see if we can close that gap as the season goes on. We have a lot of room to improve as the season goes on.”


Geneseo jumped out to an early lead and despite Alleman making a couple small runs in the second and third quarters, the Maple Leafs never looked back in a huge WBB 6 win.

“We came out with great energy,” Coach Storm said. “But so did Alleman. We were just better. We created some turnovers and that led to some good scoring opportunities. We had a little letup in the 2nd quarter where they made a push, but we responded well to have a nice lead at the half.”

Geneseo led 37-15 at halftime.

“At halftime, the guys set a goal of trying to hold them under 30 for the game. But, we didn’t come out like we really wanted that goal. Alleman kind of smacked us in the face with more energy to start the second half and made a run to cut into the lead. Our guys responded well and pushed the lead to where there would be a running clock in the fourth quarter. I was proud of that response. However, with them at 26, I figured their goal of 30 points or less was out of the question.”

Storm commented that the reserves for the Maple Leafs did a great job in the fourth quarter against the Pioneer subs. By outscoring them 14-1 in that span, they met their goal of holding Alleman under 30 points.

Bristol Lewis led the way with 30 points and eight rebounds in three quarters of action. Eight points came from Brock Seei and Anthony Pierce. Nathan VanDeWoestyne had six points and five rebounds. Zack Rokey had six rebounds to go along with four points. Thomas Henson also had four points. Max Biddle hit a three pointer and Jacob Harris, Jordan Haser and Easton Smith each had two rebounds. Mason Lovig had a game high six assists.