Geneseo's Montez reaches 100 wins

Claudia Loucks
Geneseo High School senior Anthony Montez celebrated his 100th victory at the recent meet with Princeton held in Geneseo. With him are his Dad, Coach Jessie Montez, and his brother, Zachary Montez, a freshman at GHS.
The young wrestlers from Geneseo’s Blue Line Training Academy gathered on the floor to celebrate with Montez after his 100th win in Geneseo on Wednesday, Dec. 29

Wrestling is often considered an “individual sport,” but it certainly became a team sport at the Geneseo vs. Princeton dual meet held Dec. 29 at Geneseo High School.

It was Anthony Montez’s individual effort that won his match against Princeton’s Carson Etheridge, but it became a celebration for the entire team and coaches.

Montez, son of Jessie Montez and Sarah Scott, did not know that the win was his 100th victory, but his teammates and his coaches were well aware of it.

“I felt pretty confident into the match,” the 160-pound Montez said, and added, “I didn’t know much about the guy and I just planned to go out and do what I do and whatever happens, happens.”

He was walking off the mat with plans to run sprints “like I always do after a match,” he said, “and then my brother (Zachary Montez) and my Dad (Coach Jessie Montez) came walking toward me with a banner.”

He was also greeted and congratulated by his high school teammates and coaches as well as members of the Blue Line Training Academy (Wrestling Club) which is a youth wrestling club in Geneseo that he helps coach.

They were well aware that win was his 100th victory in his high school career.

Wrestling has been a part of the Montez family for many years and Montez said it has been important to him for as far back as he can remember. His own journey in the sport began when he was in kindergarten and he began wrestling with the Junior Pioneers through Alleman High School where his Dad was a wrestling coach before coaching in Geneseo.

Coach Jessie Montez also was a standout wrestler when he was a student at Geneseo High School and in his college career.

His grandfather, Louis Montez, was a wrestling coach at Alleman when his grandson was in the Junior Pioneers.