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Dan Dauw
Dale Doubler, Cambridge, bagged this big buck deer during this past Illinois bow season. He used a crossbow.

Tar Spot

Besides temper tantrums by Mother Nature, pests and crop disease, many farmers, especially here in the Midwest, are seeing tar spot. Tar spot is a big concern with U.S. agronomists because it has spread “dramatically.” The out-break of the disease was first detected in Indiana and Illinois in 2015. The foliar corn disease now has spread fast in other states like Michigan, Minnesota, Michigan, Missouri, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida. Now add the very high price of fertilizer and you almost wonder, how worth the try?!


Or in these parts, “spoonbill catfish.” It actually is more closely related to the shark than a catfish as it has cartilage instead of bones. It always keeps its mouth open as it feeds on zooplankton and has a paddle like snout. Besides that, you don’t “catch” a paddlefish, you snag it. Years ago, I snagged one fishing by Hampton Dam. My line was wrapped around its long snout. It is considered a primitive fish as it has changed very little since 130 million plus years ago. It is found in both the Mississippi and Rock Rivers.

Senior Humor

You are getting up there in years when: You can’t remember where you parked your car for the fourth time in a week. You got confused when you put your lap top computer on your lap and your grandson in the overhead compartment. You need a checklist to turn on your TV and DVD player. You start each day with stretches……..you stretch your jeans, sweatshirt, etc. It takes you 20 minutes to open a sealed bag of potato chips.

Dish Tip

Our satellite dish sets on the lower part of our roof. Unfortunately, whenever there is a snow fall, it covers the dish so we can’t get programing. I made a long pole with a brush on the end so standing on our deck I can clear it from snow. It is kind of a pain to do so, but it works. Here is something I tried “before” the heavy snowfall we had on January 1st. I sprayed the dish with Prestone Windshield De-Icer. The strong spray was powerful enough to reach the dish. I have only tried it once, but it kept it fairly clear of snow. Of course, I don’t know if it hurts the surface of the dish, but it doesn’t appear so.

Downton Abbey: A New Era

Great news for all us Downton Abbey fans! There will be a second movie to be released in August of this year. The challenging part was getting all the former cast members back to do the second movie. There will be 4 new characters in the movie. Maggie Smith is getting up there in years, (she was born in 1934) but we hope she will return in the sequel. There was a hint there may be a wedding and an affair. Ha! Hopefully not the same person.

The Bears

After watching ESPN and the Chicago sportswriters on January 10th, it seemed to get a little heated on the press conference. Both McCaskey and Phillips seemed to throw out the same old rhetoric and the press weren’t buying into it. It was like the “brass” were rowing a boat with a ping-pong paddle.


Walking through Chinatown, Glenn Sigwalt was amazed at all Chinese restaurants, shops and signs. Around the corner, he saw a building with a sign reading, “Lars Olaffsen’s Laundry.” Glen went inside the building and asked the Chinese owner about the non-chinese name of his business. “Is simple,” he said. When I come to this country, I stand in line at the Documentation Center and a big Swede was in front of me. They asked his name and he said, “Lars Olaffsen.” Then they asked me my name and I answered, “Sem Ting.”