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McMaster Lake

Last week, Kent Anderson, Doug Brock, Brian Herron and myself tried ice fishing in this good size lake just southeast of Victoria, IL. I didn’t catch anything, but the other fellows caught some bluegills and Doug caught a nice size channel cat. We only fished in the morning. I seriously thank the three guys for helping this old angler get on and off the frozen lake.

Brian Herron recently caught these big bluegills on a private lake near Rock Falls, IL.

Rock Falls Lake

Also last week, Brian Herron and I fished a private lake southwest of Rock Falls, IL. Brian knows the lake really well. We fished from 8 a.m. to about 11:30 a.m. and caught 20 really big bluegills and a bass. They kind of shut down around 10 a.m. or so. Brian caught twice as many as I did. He gave me his fish as he has plenty in his freezer. Anyway, we had a good time and the fishing was good.

Call To Arms

If I lived in Poland or one of the surrounding countries that border Russia, I would definitely turnover my semi-automatic AK-47 to a Ukrainian freedom fighter. Sadly, the Ukrainians will be overwhelmed by Putin’s military might. However, the world has now been shown the evil bestowed on innocent people by Putin and his government. The people of Russia, and of course, the Ukraine, deserve a free and democratic society. With Putin and his cronies at the helm one wonders what country is next to be “liberated?”


Besides basketball players wiping their hands on the bottom of their shoes, another funny thing is when the ball goes out of bounds. Some players quickly point the direction the ball should go. Yeah, like the ref pays attention to the players “expert” advice.

Geneseo Ikes

Remember, the Geneseo Izaak Walton League will hold their monthly meeting on Monday, March 14th at the lodge. The guest speaker will be Don Banning and his Presentation will in entitled, “Gearing up for Springtime Bass & Panfish.” The meeting starts at 7 p.m. and refreshments will be served.

Outdoor Photos

I’m always looking for photo(s) of your recent fishing catch. Send the photo and information to: deboonelr@aol.com. Of course, the days of safely ice fishing are pretty much gone in our local area. Warmer temps and rain can quickly thin the ice. It melts even faster along the shoreline making it difficult to get to your favorite haunt.


It was such a nice day last week I called Dave Carton to see if he wanted to play a little baseball? He said sure so we went up to Richmond Hill. His very first pitch to me I connected and hit the ball over the fence. Dave said, “It’s a run home!” I said, “You mean a home run.” Dave said, “No, I mean a run home! You hit the ball through Bob May’s window!”

Note: This really didn’t happen. If it broke Bob’s window it would have been done by a golf ball.