Orion boys track competes at three indoor meets

Mindy Carls
It's a busy time for track and field athletes.

The Orion boys had five Top 10 finishes at the Monmouth-Roseville Titan Indoor Invitational on Wednesday, March 16, at the Huff Athletic Center, Monmouth College.

In the 800-meter run, Kade Scharpman finished fourth with a time of 2:27.97. Daylen Dekeyrel was 10th at 2:53.75.

Dayne Gibbons was fifth with a time of 57.41 seconds in the 400 dash.

In the 3200 relay, Scharpman, Dekeyrel, Eric Thorndyke and Adam Fahran were fifth. They clocked 10:49.62.

The 800 relay of Tyler Anderson, Joe Hogan, Duhs and Gibbons finished in 1:47.15 for sixth place.

Orion also competed with schools from Iowa and Illinois on Saturday, March 12, at the St. Ambrose Invitational at St. Ambrose University in Davenport.

The boys were at the Silver Streak Last Chance Invitational on Saturday, March 19, at the Huff Athletic Center, Monmouth College

Results of all three meets are listed below.

Saturday, March 12, St. Ambrose Invitational, St. Ambrose University, Davenport

60-meter dash: 35th, Tyler Anderson 8.06. 42nd, Cash Duhs 8.26. 44th, Braxton Story 8.51.

200 dash: 11th, Dayne Gibbons 25.40.

400 dash: 32nd, Duhs 1:02.29.

800 run: 22nd, Kade Scharpman 2:25.57. 32nd, Daylen Dekeyrel 2:43.11. 35th, Adam Fahran 2:49.96.

1600 run: 26th, Scharpman 5:35.29. 38th, Dekeyrel 6:33.49. 39th, Fahran 6:36.19.

800 relay: 12th, Orion 1:50.53.

Shot put: 25th, Christian Lapsey 35-0 1/4. 31st, Gabe Laleman 930-4 1/4. 35th, Nick Sturtewagen 23-1 1/4.

Long jump: 19th, Gibbons 17-0.

Wednesday, March 16, Monmouth-Roseville Titan Indoor Invitational, Huff Athletic Center, Monmouth College

60-meter dash: 15th (tie), Joe Hogan 8.11, Anderson 8.11.

200 dash: 17th, Duhs 27.77.

400 dash: 5th, Gibbons 57.41.

800 run: 4th, Scharpman 2:27.97. 10th, Dekeyrel 2:53.75.

1600 run: 11th, Eric Thorndyke 6:05.03. 13th, Fahran 6:31.38.

800 relay: 6th, Orion (Anderson, Hogan, Duhs, Gibbons) 1:47.15.

3200 relay: 5th, Orion (Scharpman, Dekeyrel, Thorndyke, Fahran) 10:49.62.

Shot put: 14th, Lapsey 32-10 1/4. 18th, Daniel Rittenhouse 29-3 3/4.

Long jump: 13th, Gibbons 16-5.

Saturday, March 19, Silver Streak Last Chance Invitational, Huff Athletic Center, Monmouth College

60-meter dash: 40th, Anderson 8.06. 54th, Story, 8.68.

200 dash: 41st, Anderson 27.45. 51st, Story 28.08.

400 dash: 50th, Lance Moore 1:12.59.

800 run: 35th, Thorndyke 2:39.17. 45th, Farhan 2:52.41.

1600 run: 27th, Scharpman 5:34.91. 38th, Dekeyrel 6:08.65.

800 relay: 20th, Orion (Anderson, Hogan, Duhs, Gibbons) 1:46.59.

1600 relay: 14th, Orion (Duhs, Gibbons, Scharpman, Hogan) 4:09.61.

3200 relay: 13th, Orion (Scharpman, Dekeyrel, Farhan, Thorndyke) 10:28.05.

Shot put: 44th, Blake Hunter 30-11. 51st, Gabe Laleman 28-4.

Long jump: 39th, Gibbons 14-6. 42nd, Moore 13-6.