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Fishing License & More

The 2021-22 Illinois fishing license expired March 31, 2022. If you fish for trout there is an additional fee. The Iowa fishing licenses expired last January. Tips: Most bait shops around here use blue, plastic containers for holding worms. The round tops have small air holes. When you’re fishing, turn the container upside down. Worms tend to go to the bottom of the container so this way they will be on top. It just makes it a little easier to grab the worm. As the days get warmer, make sure the worms are kept cool. Dead worms are a turn off for most fish. That holds true for minnows, too. Almost forgot that the Illinois Spring Trout season starts Saturday, April 2nd. Moline’s Prospect Lagoon opens at 5 a.m. Hennepin Parkway at 6 a.m.

Cyclones & Irish

As of this early writing, both the Iowa State men and women’s basketball teams are doing great. While the Notre Dame men’s team are out of the mix, the women’s team are something else. Their game against Oklahoma (108 – 64) was amazing and how ‘bout that guard, Olivia Miles? She is dynamite on the court. “Go, Cyclones!” “Go, Irish!”

Swap Meet

It’s tomorrow (Saturday, April 2nd) at the QCAA Expo Center, Rock Island, IL. The hours are from 8 a.m. to Noon. There is plenty of parking and its free admission. There are really nice used and new outdoor items for sale. No firearms or ammunition allowed. The Geneseo Izaak Walton will have a lot of fishing gear at their table. Vendors can set-up their tables beginning at 7 a.m.

Marina Ovsyannikova

Geez, talk about a gutsy and courageous Russian journalist. Two weeks ago she held up a sign in large letters, NO WAR, while standing behind a TV news lady, “on air.” I’m sure down the line she will pay a heavy fine and/or prison time.

Thought on War

One of the items Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy listed his country needs is arms and ammunition. With the millions of American citizen owned firearms, what about a dropping off point where Americans could donate a serviceable, high-powered rifle? Ammunition included. Of course, there would have to be knowledgeable individuals to sort out the good and safe firearms. As speed and dispatch would be a priority in getting the guns to Ukraine citizens, red tape would have to be waived in some cases. I think it would work with the right people in charge. Just a thought!


Firearm dealers should be able to sell guns by mail without seeing the buyer or verifying a signature. Just like mail-in voting! A few minutes ago, Jeff Orton got on a plane to fly to Russia. His second visit there. Anyway, he told me on his cell phone he was the only person in the cabin. He asked the flight attendant where was everyone? She said they were all going to the psychic convention, but cancelled at the last minute. As she left the aircraft, she said, “Have a nice flight!”