Ridgewood Roundup

Tom Akers

Spartans Blank Chargers

It was quite a day for Mya Brown as the Spartans traveled to Orion for a non-conference matchup with the Chargers Monday, April 25th. The sophomore threw a three hit shutout and went three for four with a homerun to lead the Spartans to the 14-0 win.

Ridgewood got on the board in the top of the first when Becca Lindsey drove in Clara Franks to put the Spartans ahead 1-0. Franks had walked to lead off the inning. The Spartans would put up five runs in the first taking advantage of two walks and executing on two sacrifice flies to go up 5-0.

The Spartans would score three in the second, five in the third, and one in the fourth. Meanwhile Brown was keeping Orion off the basepaths with eleven strikeouts in five innings of work allowing just three hits with no walks allowed.

Becca Lindsey was also two for three with two RBI’s including a homerun in the third inning.Clara Franks added two hits with two RBI’s herself in the Ridgewood win.

Spartans Compete in Dale Collis Invitational

Battling the cold has become commonplace for the Ridgewood Spartans Track Team. Overcoming the chilly temperatures and the wind, the Spartans competed in the Dale Collis Invitational on Monday, April 26th in Galva.

The girls finished third with 79 points behind Stark County and Monmouth Roseville who won the meet with 178 points. The 4x400 relay consisting of Mollie Bennett, Kendra Downing, Brooklyn Humphrey, and Miranda Reed took the top spot. Bella paul was first in the high jump while Kylee Berry was first in the long jump, Berry also placed first in the 200m dash.

The boys also finished in third place as a team with 118 points behind Stark County who was second with 172.5 points. Monmouth Roseville won the boys meet with 192.5 points. Fernando Avila Rubio was a top finisher in the 3200m run. Sam Petrie also took home first in the long jump.

Complete Results: 100m dash. Girls. 4th, Berry, Kylee 14.84. 9th, Paul, Bella 15.18. 14th, Barham, Lilly 15.97. Boys. 7th, Francis, Ryan 13.04. 13th, Gully, Luke 13.29. 15th, Stromquist, Brendan 13.60. 21st, Youssef, Dallalli 14.43. 200m dash. Girls. 1st, Berry 31.27. 6th, Paul 33.47. 8th, Barham 34.79. Boys. 6th, Francis 26.60. 7th, Gully 27.24. 10th, Herring, Ray 28.19. 400m dash. Girls. 6th, Messerly, Kira 1:16. Boys. 2nd, Francis 59.61. 4th, Gotthardt, Aaron 1:01. 6th, Moriarity, Preston 1:03. 800m run. Boys. 2nd, VanHyfte, Matt 2:20. 5th, Verheeke 2:36. 11th, Burbridge, Ryker 2:56. 12th, Jewett, Jack 2:57. 1600m run. Boys. 2nd, Avila-Rubio, Fernando 5:09. 6th, VanHyfte 5:41. 7th, Larson, Kaden 5:49. 11th, Samuelson, Jager 6:21. 3200m run. Boys. 1st, Avila-Rubio 11:16. 3rd, Larson 12:30. 5th, Samuelson 13:19. 110 hurdles. Boys. 4th, Petrie, Sam 21.49. 300m hurdles. Boys. 6th, Petrie 52.83. Relay Races. 4x100m relay. Girls. 3rd, Bennett, Mollie, Downing, Kendra, Humphrey, Brooklyn, Reed, Miranda 1:03. 4th, Harrell, Maddie, Losey, Ruth, Poppy, Emma, Mueller, Tobi 1:10. Boys. 3rd, Veloz, Meric, Herring, Kessinger, Lucas, McDonough, Gavin 48.94. 4th, Snook, Taylor, Moriarity, Preston, Bully, Catour, Ryle 49.78. 4x200m relay. Girls. 3rd, Bennett, Downing, Humphrey, Reed 2:14. 4th, Barham, Losey, Poppy, Mueller 2:28. Boys. 3rd, Snook, Askelson, Talon, Couture, Gully 1:47. 4th, Veloz, Herring, Stromquist, Kessinger 1:48. 4x400m relay. Girls. Bennett, Downing, Humphrey, Reed 5:02. Boys. 2nd, Maness, Lukas, McDonough, Kessinger, Nodine 4:07. 5th, Sandberg, Roy, VerHeeke, Snook, Moriarity 4:19. 4x800m relay. Boys. 4th, Nodine, Petrie, VerHeeke, VanHyfte 10:54. 5th, Askelson, Pace, Cameron, Jewett, Sandberg 11:15. Field Events. High Jump. Girls. 1st, Paul 4-06. 3rd, Messerly 4-06. Boys. Sandberg 5-00. Long Jump. Girls. 1st, Berry, 14-03. 6th, Barham 12-03. Boys. 1st, Petrie 18-01.5. 7th, Sandberg 14-09.50. Triple Jump. Boys. 2nd, Gotthardt 38-01. 3rd, VanHyfte 37-04.50. Shot Put. Girls. 12th, Hulick, Cadence 19-06. 13th, Harrell 19-03.50. Boys. 9th, Johnson, Jake 93-03. 10th, Anderson, Ty 31-03. 11th, Robbins, Nick 30-09. 14th, Helms, Conner 29-05. Discus. Girls. 11th, Watt, Alex 51-01. 13th, Harrell 50-08. 14th, Keever 37-07. Boys. 7th, Johnson 93-03. 10th, Snook 76-05. 15th, Robbins .75. 16th, Anderson .75.

Golden Eagles Down Spartans

Mercer County scored four runs in the top of the first inning against the Ridgewood Spartans on Tuesday, April 26th in a LTC Conference matchup in Woodhull. The Golden Eagles topped the Spartans 6-1.

The Spartans' run came in the bottom of the sixth when Garrett Vincent doubled to right field, scoring Sean Watt who had singled to reach the base paths. Vincent and Draven Smith each had doubles in the game while Watt and Keagan Hixson singled for Ridgewood.

Garret Vincent took the loss going five innings allowing five runs, four of them earned off of eight hits while walking three and striking out six.

Spartans Run at Sailer Invite

The Ridgewood Spartan Girls team competed in the 15th Annual Sailer Invitational at Augustana College on Tuesday, April 26th. The Spartans placed seventh overall with a score of 23 points behind United Township who had 32 points. Sherrard won the meet with 147 points.

Miranda Reed was the highest placing Spartans finishing second in the 3200 meter run and third in the 1600m run. The 4x800m relay of Kendra Downing, Emma Poppy, Tobi Mueller, and Ruth Losey finished in fourth place.

Complete Results. 100m dash. 15th, Berry, Kylee 14.76. 200m dash. 12th, Berry 31.52. 13th, Barham, Lilly 32.16. 800m run. 5th, Downing, Kendra 2:36. 1600m run. 3rd, Reed, Miranda 5:58. 14th, Humphrey, Brooklyn 6:56. 3200m run. 2nd, Reed 12:21. 7th, Bennett, Mollie 14:44. 100m Hurdles. 9th, Barham 22.10. 300m Hurdles. Messerly, Kira 59.98. Relays. 4x400m relay. 5th, Messerly, Downing, Paul, Reed 4:51. 4x800m relay. 4th, Downing, Poppy, Emma, Mueller, Tobi, Losey, Ruth 12:48. Field Events. High Jump. 6th, Messerly 1.27m. Long Jump. 10th, Berry 4.35m. 15th, Barham 4.00. Triple Jump. 7th, Berry 8.68m. Shot Put. 21st, Hulick, Cadence 6.05m. 23rd, Harrell, Maddie 5.90m. Discus. 21st, Harrell 16.83m. 24th, Watt, Alex 15.02m.

Vikings Win Wildcat Invitational

The seventh and eighth grade Cambridge Junior High Girls both ran and threw their way to the top spot on Thursday, April 28th in the Galva Junior High Wildcat Invitational. The seventh grade scored 102.5 points while the eighth won the meet with 101 points. Top finishers included Ella Humphrey in the 200m dash, Jana VandeKemp and Emily Downing in the 800m and 1600m run, both the seventh and eight grade 4x200m and 4x400m relay teams, Mackenzie Peck and Ellie Doubet in both the shot put and discus.

The seventh grade boys finished ninth out of ten teams with fourteen points

While the eighth grade team finished seventh out of nine teams with thirty eight points. Gavin Franks led the eighth grade with second place finishes in the 800m run and the discus.

Complete Results. 100m dash. Girls. 7th grade. 5th, Humphrey, Ella 14.37. 16th, Nimrick, Ella 17.68. 8th grade. 7th, Veloz, Luca 15.13. 8th, Salazar, Ava 15.14.Boys. 7th grade. 17th, Rizzo, Leo 16.57. 200m dash. Girls. 7th grade. 1st, Humphrey, E. 29.34. 18th, Beam, Caylee 34.89. 8th grade. 3rd, Blackert, Jolene 29.99. 8th, Doubet, Ellie 33.12. Boys. 7th grade. 14th, Wagner, Race 32.67. 17th, Rizzo 34.54. 8th grade. 13th,Stiles, Cameron 30.99. 400m dash. Girls. 7th grade. 2nd, VandeKemp, Jana 1:07. 5th, Harreld, Cambria 1:10. 8th grade. 3rd, Veloz 1:13. 6th, Jewett, Addie 1:15. Boys. 7th grade. 6th, McCleary Larson, Hayden 1:09. 14th, Rizzo 1:18. 8th grade. 12th, Akers, Evan 1:41. 800m run. Girls. 7th grade. 1st, VandeKemp 2:45. 3rd, Bennett, Haylee 3:06. 8th grade. 1st, Downing 2:33. 5th, Ames, Hannah 3:03. Boys. 8th grade. 2nd, Franks, Gavin 2:35.52 3rd, Sandberg, Wes 2:35.60. 1600m run. Girls. 7th grade. 1st, VandeKemp 5:55. 7th, Humphrey, Avery 6:58. 8th Grade. 1st, Downing 5:37. 7th, Edmund, Livvy 7:04. Boys. 8th grade. 6th, Franks 6:01. 14th, Akers 7:55. 100m Hurdles. Girls. 8th grade. 3rd, Jewett 18.94. 110 Hurdles. Boys. 8th grade. 9th, Stiles 23.77. Relays. 4x100m. Girls. 7th grade. 6th, Nimrick, Edmund, Ames, Humphrey, A. 1:05. 8th grade. 9th, Salazar, Leander, Maggie, McMeekan, Reanna, Bennett 1:06. 4x200m. Girls. 7th grade. 1st, Humphrey, E., Harreld, Beam, Caylee, Peck, Mackenzie 2:07. 8th grade. 1st, Jewett, Doubet, Blackert, Veloz 2:07. 4x400m. Girls. 7th grade. 1st, Peck, Harreld, Beam, Humphrey, E. 4:46. 8th grade. 2nd, Blackert, Jewett, Salazar, Downing 4:47. Boys. 8th grade. 4th, Sandberg, McCleary Stiles, Franks 4:53. Field Events. High Jump. Boys. 7th grade. 6th, McCleary Larson 1.32m. 8th grade. 7th, Sandberg 1.37m. Long Jump. Girls. 7th grade. 6th, VandeKemp 3.42m. 16th, McMeekan 2.88m. 8th grade girls. 5th, Salazar 3.60. 6th, Downing 3.58m. Boys. 7th grade. 14th, Rizzo 3.68m. 8th grade. 14th, Stiles 3.47. 16th, Akers 2.93m. Shot Put. Girls. 7th grade. 1st, Peck 8.35m. 12th, Miller, Emma 5.78m. 8th grade. 2nd, Doubet 7.74m. 8th, Little, Addie 6.88m. Boys. 7th grade. 6th, Secymore, Marshall 8.06m. 11th, Wagner 6.77m. 8th grade. 3rd, Sandberg 9.56m. 18th, Woodbury, Austin 4.67m. Discus. Girls. 7th grade. 1st, Peck 20.72m. 6th, Little, Harper. 15.77m. 8th grade. 1st, Doubet, 29.67m. 3rd, Blackert 21.23m. Boys. 7th grade. 4th, McCleary Larson 20.17m. 11th, Secymore 15.77m. 8th grade. 2nd, Franks 29.31m. 11th, Fransene, Talan 17.55m.

Pioneers Down Spartans

The Ridgewood Spartans held the lead going into the bottom of the fourth but a seven run inning gave the Alleman Pioneers the 19-8 win in a non-conference game Thursday, April 28th.

The Spartans got on the board in the top of the first. Sean Watt singled to start the game, Keagan Hixson bunted Watt into scoring position and Garrett Vincent scored Watt with a single to left. Hixson would score later in the inning to put Ridgewood up 2-0. Alleman answered in the bottom of the first taking advantage of three Ridgewood mishaps to take a 3-2.

The Spartans tied the game in the second. Back to back to back singles in the Ridgewood half of the third inning by Owen Anderson, Zac Arredondo, and Conner McKeag put the Spartans up 6-3.

The Pioneers put up four hits including a double in the bottom of the fourth to go ahead for good off of relief pitcher Keagan Hixson. Hixson had come on in relief of Draven Smith who’d gone three innings allowing four runs, one of them earned off of two hits while striking out one. Hixson worked one inning allowing seven runs, none of them earned off of four hits while walking one and striking out one. Hixson was tagged with the loss.

The Spartans saw multiple hit games from Hixson (2-3), Garrett Vincent (2-4), and Conner McKeag (2-3).

Vikings Girls Remain Undefeated

Both the Cambridge 7th and 8th grade girls track teams remained undefeated after finishing in first place Friday, April 29th at the Mercer County Invitational. The 7th grade won with a team score of 102 while the 8th grade put up 116 points. The Vikings saw first place finishes from Ella Humphrey in the 7th grade 100m dash, Jolene Blackert in the 8th grade 200m dash, Jana VandeKemp in both the 7th grade 400m dash, 800m run and the 1600m run, Emily Downing in the 800m and 1600m runs, the 8th grade 4x200m relay team of Addie Jewett, Ellie Doubet, Blackert, and Luca Veloz the 8th grade 4x400m relay of Blackert, Jewett, Veloz, and Downing, Mackenzie Peck in the shot put and Ellie Doubet in the discus.

The 7th grade boys finished in seventh place out of eight teams with 13 points while the 8th grade boys finished fifth place out of nine teams. Gavin Franks was the top finisher for the Vikings placing third in the discus and in th3 1600m run while Hayden McCleary Larson finished third in the 7th grade high jump.

Complete Results. 100m dash. Girls. 7th grade. 1st, Humphrey, Ella 14.01. 14th, McMeekan 17.16. 8th grade. 4th, Veloz, Luca 14.75. 13th, Salazar, Ava 16.08. Boys. 7th grade. 9th, Rizzo, Leo 15.77. 200m dash. Girls. 7th grade. 2nd, Humphrey, E. 28.63. 11th, Beam, Caylee 33.70. 8th grade. 1st, Blackert, Jolene 29.60. 7th, Doubet, Ellie 33.02. 400m dash. Girls. 7th grade. 1st, VandeKemp, Jana 1:10. 2nd, Harreld, Cambria 1:13. 8th grade. 2nd, Veloz 1:13. 4th, Jewett, Addie 1:15. 800m run. Girls. 7th grade. 1st, VandeKemp 2:47. 2nd, Humphrey, Avery 3:07. 8th grade. 1st, Downing, Emily 2:41. 7th, Edmund, Livvy. 3:14. 1600m run. Girls. 7th grade. 1st, VandeKemp 5:56. 7th, Bennett, Haylee 6:50. 8th Grade. 1st, Downing 5:42. 3rd, Ames, Hannah 6:45. Boys. 8th grade. 3rd, Franks, Gavin 6:07. 9th, Akers 8:03. 100m Hurdles. Girls. 8th grade. 2nd, Jewett, Addie 18.75. 110 Hurdles. Boys. 8th grade. 4th, Stiles, Cameron 23.78. Relays. 4x100m. Girls. 7th grade. 7th, Nimrick, Ella, Edmund, Ames, Humphrey, A. 1:08. 8th grade. 4th, Salazar, Leander, Maggie, McMeekan, Reanna, Bennett 1:06. 4x200m. Girls. 7th grade. 2nd, Humphrey, E., Harreld, Cambria, Beam, Peck, Mackenzie 2:07. 8th grade. 1st, Jewett, Doubet, Blackert, Salazar 2:06. 4x400m. Girls. 7th grade. 2nd, Peck, Harreld, Humphrey, E., VandeKemp 4:45. 8th grade. 2nd, Blackert, Jewett, Veloz, Downing 4:55. Field Events. High Jump. Boys. 7th grade. 3rd, McCleary Larson, Hayden 04-02. 8th grade. 4th, Sandberg, Wes 04-04. Long Jump. Girls. 7th grade. 7th, McMeekan 10-09.75. 10th, Leander 9-06.25. 8th grade girls. 2nd, Downing 13-02.75. Salazar 13-00.50. Boys. 7th grade. 8th, Rizzo 12-00. 8th grade. 7th, Stiles 12-00. 10th, Akers 10-02.25. Shot Put. Girls. 7th grade. 1st, Peck 28-06. 2nd, Little, Harper 25-03. Boys. 7th grade. 4th, Secymore, Marshall 26-06. 10th, Wagner, Race 21-07. 8th grade. 5th, Sandberg 33-02. 9th, Woodbury, Austin 24-00. Discus. Girls. 8th grade. 1st, Doubet, 91-11. 2nd, Blackert 73-02. Boys. 7th grade. 4th, McCleary Larson 71-11. 10th, Secymore, Marshall 60-04. 8th grade. 3rd, Franks 103-10. 11th, Woodbury, Austin 49-10. Please note: The meet was canceled due to weather before all the races were complete.

Ridgewood Spartans