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Month of May

This month was named for the Roman goddess, Maia, who oversaw the growth of plants. May also comes from the Latin word, maiores, or “elders.” Senior citizens were celebrated during this month.

Geneseo DU Raffle

From Dale “Double Barrel” Doubler, comes this. The Geneseo Ducks Unlimited presents their “2022 Guns of the Year, SUPER RAFFLE.” Winner takes all which is a new Benelli 20 gauge shotgun, a new Weatherby Mark V rifle and a new Colt 1911 pistol from Springfield Armory. A raffle ticket is $100.00 each and there will only be 100 tickets sold. We are talking about an over $5,000.00 retail value. The drawing for this awesome package of quality guns will be on or before June 1, 2022. For tickets call Dale at 309-945-3516.

Bob DeBoever

It was sad news to read about the passing away of this fine man. Bob, and his wife, Judy, did so much for the community. Bob served his country as a U.S. Marine. He was very active with the Geneseo Aisle of Flags, VFW, Farm Bureau, FFA, his Church, etc. There is so much more to be said about the goodness spread by both Bob and Judy. God rest their souls.

WW II Presentation

This event will take place on Saturday, June 4th from 10 to 11 a.m. at the Henry County Historical Museum, 1 block west of the main road in Bishop Hill, IL. There is no admission cost, but donations are always welcome for the museum.

Dan Dauw will do the presentation. Firearms, uniforms, etc. will also be on display. Afterwards, plan on visiting the museum and the many other sites at Bishop Hill. For a small town, they also have excellent restaurants. We hope to see you at the event.

Glen Anderson

Speaking of WWII, the “Birdman of Henry County” recently paid a visit to show us two WW2 photo albums that his wife’s uncle, a WW2 sailor, had put together. The sailor had kept a record of the various ports they had dropped anchor at. The ship he served on was the LST (Landing Ship, Tank) #549. He served in the Pacific theater. The black and white photos were excellent. You know, Glen is an amazing fellow in his own right. He graduated from Western University, joined the Army (I think it was ours?) and ended up as a lieutenant. He was also a teacher and is a heck of a volunteer. I know he volunteers at the hospital and the Geneseo school district. He is also the new treasurer of the Geneseo Ikes, he builds and places bluebird houses, gives presentations on birds, and honestly, he does so much more. Both he and his wife, Jan, do lots of good work for the community.

Dennis Reese

The National Rifle Association (NRA) is celebrating their 20th Anniversary of the “Golden Bullseye Awards.” The awards are presented annually to recognize the firearm industry’s best new offerings. In addition to the award, another award presented is a Pioneer Award which goes to an individual, team, family or partnership who’s exemplary achievement and body of work had a lasting positive impact on the gun community. Dennis Reese, CE0 and owner of Springfield Armory, Geneseo, IL, has received the prestigious award. Congratulations goes to Mr. Dennis Reese.


Our daughter, DeeDee, once asked Lorna, “Where do bad rainbows go?” She replied, “Prism, dear! But it’s only a light sentence!” Our son, Lance, once asked me, “Do trees poop?” I answered, “Of course!” That’s how we get number 2 pencils.”

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