Orion 7th grade wins Prairieland Conference

Mindy Carls

Orion’s seventh grade boys won the Prairieland Conference track meet on Wednesday, May 4, in Orion.

William Maher won the 110-meter hurdles, while Charles Arnold, Aaron Mohr, Tyler Sandberg and Maher were the conference champions in the 1600 relay. Kaden Cirks won the shot put.

Orion’s eighth grade boys collected two Prairieland titles. Owen Voorhees, Kyler Owens, Wyatt Steen and John Fulkerson won the 800 relay. Wyatt Steen won the high jump.

Eighth girls Mallory Pronschinske, Amelia DeBaillie, Abi Kayser and Elyse VanDuyne won the 1600 relay.

Results are below.

Prairieland Conference, Wednesday, May 4, Orion

Eighth-grade boys

Team standings: 1st, Mercer County 83.5. 2nd, Sherrard 78. 3rd, Orion 59. 4th, Kewanee 58. 5th, Monmouth-Roseville 47.5. 6th, Rockridge 45. 7th, Knoxville 29.

Eighth-grade girls

Team standings: 1st, Sherrard 104. 2nd, Mercer County 79. 3rd, Orion 75. 4th, Rockridge 48. 5th, Monmouth-Roseville 33. 6th, Knoxville 32. 7th, Kewanee 30.

Seventh-grade boys

Team standings: 1st, Orion 102. 2nd, Kewanee 75. 3rd, Sherrard 60. 4th, Mercer County 51. 5th, Monmouth-Roseville 45. 6th, Rockridge 39. 7th, Knoxville 28.

Seventh-grade girls

Team standings: 1st, Rockridge 112. 2nd, Kewanee 98. 3rd, Orion 65. 4th, Mercer County 61. 5th, Knoxville 42. 6th, Monmouth-Roseville 15. 7th, Sherrard 6.

A track runner jumping over a hurdle.