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Ukraine Farmers

We all know of the death and destruction brought upon the Ukraine population by Putin and his army. Cities bombed into submission by the Russians. The Ukraine is an AG country and there was a recent article in the Iowa Farmer Today publication about how difficult farming is with the war going on. One farmer, Nik Gordiichuk, farms 1,482 acres. He grows winter wheat, corn, seed and table potatoes. His farm is north of Kyiv and is right where the Russians entered Ukraine. He said the Russian army has purposefully targeted and destroyed farm machinery and their stored crops. About 30% of the country’s farmland won’t get planted. Gordiichuk said there are still farmers that have grain to sell, but with no access to the Black Sea ports, what happens? He and other farmers are working to supply as much food as they can to cities under attack. Ukrainian farmers are also helping their soldiers with food and fuel for their vehicles. The war is equally hard on livestock and dairy farmers. One farmer has 700 cows, but with all the shelling, it is difficult to tend to the cows. Another problem for dairy farmers is the milk processing factories are not working. They are giving milk away for those in need. A sad and horrible situation brought about by a man who must be possessed by the devil himself.

Mary’s in Galva

We recently had a Galva Retired Teachers luncheon at Mary’s Restaurant just east of Galva. The food and service was really good. I think there were about 25 former teachers in attendance plus me as the token male. They are a nice bunch of ladies and we had a good time! So, if you’re out that way in Galva and you have the hungers, definitely try Mary’s.

Where to Hunt

I received a call a few weeks ago from Craig Anderson who had a friend that was new to this area. The fellow wanted to know where he could hunt. I steered him to Johnsons Sauk Trail, Rt. 78 towards Kewanee, IL. I don’t believe there is any hunting now on the public grounds, but if you type in the Search box: Johnson’s Sauk Trail, Kewanee, IL it should supply him and maybe yourself with hunting information. There is also a lake there, but years ago I know the bluegills were really small. Supposedly, there are muskies in the lake.


I write this with a very sore back, but Lorna and I finally have our 30 tomato plants in. We don’t mess with fencing in the garden, as the rabbits need to eat, too! Years ago, we tried planting sweet corn, but the masked bandits enjoyed a feast during the nights. With so much yard work this spring I haven’t drowned any worms on the hook. I know I’m missing some good fish’n, but we enjoy the flowers and such. Each year it is harder on us to keep up with it all. Sure glad I married a farm gal. She’s a hard worker.

WW2 Presentation

If you are a history buff, I will be giving a one hour presentation on WWII on Saturday, June 4, 2022, at 10 a.m. The free event will be held at the Henry County Historical Museum, 1 block west of main street, Bishop Hill, IL. The museum used to be a school and each classroom has a certain theme. The same for the large gymnasium. The presentation will be held in the meeting room. Of course, you’ll want to visit all the other Bishop Hill historical sites, too!


A guy called up his lawyer to tell him he was suing for divorce. The lawyer inquired as to his grounds for the suit. He said, “My wife says I’m a lousy lover!” The lawyer asked, “That is why you are suing?” The guy answered, “Of course not. I’m suing because she knows the difference!” Why did the Bear’s coach go to the bank? To get his quarter back! Today a man tried to sell me a coffin. I told him that’s the last thing I need.