Geneseo's Jaelyn Lambin breaks GHS home run record

Claudia Loucks
Geneseo’s Jaelyn Lambin set a new homerun record for the Geneseo Lady Leafs softball team. She will be a senior at GHS.

Setting a new Geneseo High School home run record is what Jaelyn Lambin refers to “a great experience.”

She recalled the moment when her bat connected…”It was against Ottawa High School. It was such a big deal because they were ranked fairly high in the State and had a record of 20-6 at the time.”

The game was held at JF Edwards Field in Geneseo and the Lady Leafs won by one run.

“I was completely aware I had broken the record and I ran around the bases as fast as I could, throwing my hands in the air,” Lambin said. “I was just so happy that I didn’t have to worry about beating it anymore. My biggest fear was not breaking the record, but once I did, I could just play the game I love and not be so timid.”

The previous record was held by Hannah Kain, a 2015 GHS graduate, who set a record with 11 home runs in the season. Lambin ended the season with 12 home runs.

Head Coach Bob Pettit commented, “Jaelyn was our lead-off hitter and quite often she got us started when we needed it…but the times she used the long ball to win games were some of our most exciting times. The walk off against Ottawa and the late inning winner over Sherrard were great moments.”

“The previous record holder, Hannah Kain, was a great fan this year and her being there for the record breaker was an amazing time,” Coach Pettit said. “It was great for both of them and the team watching it unfold.”

Coach Jenni Johnson shared a memory of Lambin’s three home runs in a single game against Quincy and said, “Her fourth at bat they walked her…I would echo that it was great to see Hannah Kain at the games cheering Jaelyn on to break her record. I think it really showed the team that they are a part of something special when they play Geneseo softball.”

The Lady Leafs softball season ended at the Regional Championship game against Metamora.

Lambin will be a senior next year and has played softball at GHS since her freshman year.

“I played one year of volleyball my freshman year, but softball was my love and I wanted to focus on that more,” she said. “I started Rec League softball when I was 10 and 11 years old and then I was asked to play for the Green Xtreme 04.”

She advanced in that League to Xtreme 03 and she currently plays for the Quad City Firebirds 04’ led by Jeremy Stohl….”I’ve been on that team quite a few years and have met my best friends for life,” she said. “We all just get along so well and know each other inside and out. Softball has also brought me my best friend Payton Stohl, she is the best shortstop I know. When I’m down on myself I can always count on her to cheer me up.”

In addition to softball, Lambin is involved in FCA and she also plans to help Jenni Johnson coach the Geneseo Middle School team.

“I work at All In Stitches for my Grandma (Jan Dahl) and I do the heat press,” she said. I also work with my other Grandma who does the embroidery machine (All In Stitches) and my family are my biggest supporters. (AKA Grandma Cindy (Strader) is my biggest fan).”

The elite athlete also tries to keep a regular workout schedule but said with her current softball practices, time with friends and work, it doesn’t always happen.

She is the daughter of Jamie and Ky Lambin and is a sister to Brennan, who will be a freshman at GHS; and Mayson, who will be going into seventh grade…”They are also some of my biggest fans and always make it to my games,” she said.

When asked to share a favorite memory from the softball season, she said it was from the softball this year on the way to Florida during the team’s spring break trip…”We stopped at a gas station at about midnight and we were listening to music, and somehow it turned into a full on dance party in the back of the bus. Coach (Styphanie) Palmer clearly won the dancing competition. She is one of my favorite people and inspirations. We just had a great time. Before our little ‘party’ we were all irritated from just being on a bus so long so that really helped us calm down a little bit.”