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Henry County Historical Museum

If you are a history buff and/or find old artifacts and antiques interesting, spend some hours visiting the museum’s various rooms. It’s air conditioned and donations are accepted. The hours are 9:45 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. 7 days a week. It is closed after October 31, 2022, and will re-open in the spring.


Don’t forget, if you’re a Henry County angler, I’m always look’n ‘fer outdoor photos of you or your child or grandchild holding a fish. Even if you see and photograph a local unusual critter like a beaver, skunk, river otter, fox, or tyrannosaurus rex, send the photo and information to me at:


I get stung by a wasp every single year. It’s become a regular ritual. A few days ago, two wasp, with the sun in their backs, divebombed and nailed my left ear and back. Since they got me twice, I feel that I should be good for next year, too!


I cannot believe all the rabbits we’ve seen this summer. The other day we saw a rabbit rolling and wallowing in a small patch of dirt. It was really funny to see. On TV I’ve seen elephants and lions do that, but never Bugs Bunny! Once in while we usually hear coyotes as they run along the canal at night, but not this summer.


That is the name of a new restaurant that opened last September in downtown Davenport (take River Drive west, right on 4th Street, it’s on the right side of the one way). Lori Palmgren, formerly of Geneseo, has a real knack for finding excellent, and often, unusual restaurants. She had won breakfasts for six people a few Saturdays ago. So, she, Lorna and I, Lori’s mother, Gloria, and Bill and Marcia Fleming met at “Toasted” for breakfast. The food was excellent! We had a server, Gabriella, who did an outstanding job to see that we were well taken care of. Great personality, too! If you happen to be over in Davenport sometime, check the place out. We think you’ll really like “Toasted.”


A plane was on its way to Chicago. About half way to Midway a lady moved herself from economy class to the First-Class section. A flight attendant notice her and asked to see her ticket. The lady was told to return to her seat as her ticket was for economy class. The lady said in a mad voice, “I’m beautiful, smart and I’m staying right here!” Both flight attendants and even the co-pilot tried to reason with her, but she would not move from the First-Class seat. Finally, the pilot went to the lady, whispered something in the lady’s ear and she said, “Oh, I’m sorry!” She calmly went back to her economy seat. They asked the pilot, “Sir, what did you say to get her to move back to her seat?” He said, “I told her First-Class isn’t going to Chicago!”