Dan D Outdoors: From fishing to farm shows, lots to do in the area

Dan Dauw
For the Republic

Pro golfer, Bob Mays, Geneseo, asked me where he and his grandson could go fishing. Some places are near and some places are a little ways to drive, but worth it.

Not a far drive are: 1) Geneseo Ikes Park, “Siggy Bay,” west of the camp grounds. 2) Lock 24 both east and west on the canal. Rock River near the Cleveland boat ramp and also Colona’s boat ramp where the canal empties into the river. Green River is a shallow river, but there are places where it is deeper. Just be careful you are not on private property.

Big Island where the canal and the Rock River empties into the Mississippi River. Plenty of parking and easy access to the Mississippi’s Ben Butterworth Drive in Moline. There is a small pond at the second stop light (turn left) just as you enter downtown East Moline.

In Moline there is Riverside Lagoon just off to the left heading west past the 34th street stop light. Another lagoon is Prospect Park south of WQAD.

More of a drive are: McMaster Lake by Victoria, IL, is an excellent place but it is a little drive.

Lake Storey by Galesburg is another good location. Johnson Sauk Trail Lake off Highway 78 heading towards Kewanee is worth a try.

Lake George by Illinois City is a thought, too!

I could go on, but in the Illinois Fishing 2022 Regulation booklet (free at Carbon Cliff Bait & Tackle) it lists many fishing locations in Illinois. Safe to say that there are a lot of places to fish in our little part of the state.

Sometimes it’s fun to just explore and look for a good spot, just as long as ‘yer legal. Many anglers think fall fishing is the best and that includes me.

Vintage Farm Show

The Vintage Farm Equipment Show will be held on Saturday, Sept. 17, at Bridge Park, 19030 E. 2120St., Atkinson, IL.

Lorna and I go to this event every year and we really enjoy it. It is all free, but donations are welcome. There will be displays and food drinks will be available. There is plenty of free parking with modern restrooms on-site.

You don’t want to pass up on J.C. Old Fashion ice cream.I will present two WWII programs, one at 10 a.m. and one at 11 a.m. in the big building. There will also be some military items on display. If you need more information contact Dave Carton at 309-441-5915 after 6 p.m.

‘Da Bears

I hate to say it, but it’s going to have to be one of those “building years” for the Chicago Bears. When the smoke clears at the end of the season I see them about 7 ‘n 10. I hope they beat the Packersin one of their two meetings.


The definition of “Middle Age” is: When a woman or man’s hair turnsfrom gray to black. At my age, when a girl flirts with me in the movies,she’s after my popcorn.


Local man addicted to brake fluid says he can stop anytime he wants.

I once worked at a cheap pizza shop because I kneaded the dough.

Why is ‘dark’ spelled with a k and not a c? Because you can’t “c” inthe dark.