Orion-Sherrard soccer team wins Orion tournament

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Geneseo Republic
Malerie West of Orion-Sherrard keeps the ball away from a Canton defender in the opening game of the Orion-Sherrard tournament on Saturday, April 30, at Charger Field.

Orion-Sherrard outscored opponents 11-1 to win the Orion-Sherrard tournament with a 3-0 record on Saturday, April 30, at Charger Field.

O-S 8, Canton 0

The Chargers scored five goals in the first 14 minutes of the opening game with the Lady Giants.

Sabrina Brooks took a ball from Ali Seys for a goal in the third minute.

Seys fed the ball to Kayla Fowler for a goal in the 10th minute.

In the 12th minute, Fowler and Brittany Scott both scored unassisted goals.

Two minutes later, Seys knocked in a ball from Malerie West.

During the 21st minute, Seys converted a pass from Fowler for the goal that gave Orion-Sherrard 1 6-1 lead before halftime.

In the second half, goalkeeper Baillie McCunn got to play on the offensive side of the midline. She passed to Brooks for a goal in the 40th minute. In the 49th and final minute of the game, McCunn received a ball from Katie Garrity and booted it into the net.

Scoring for the Chargers were Seys, Brooks and Fowler, two goals each, and Scott and McCunn, one each.

With assists were Seys, two, and Fowler, Garrity, West and McCunn, one.

The Chargers rocketed 18 shots at Lady Giant netminders. Fowler took five; Seys, four; Brooks and Talye Anderson, two; and Scott, Garrity, West, Cassidy Clark and Laura Hamilton, one.

Canton had no shots.

Getting steals for Orion-Sherrard were Anderson, three; Brooks and Scott, two; and West and Becky Kosek, one.

Playing on her birthday, Lexy Larson had one steal.

Referees awarded eight corner kicks to the Chargers and none to the Giants.

Each team committed two fouls.

Orion-Sherrard was offsides once.

O-S 2, Sterling 1

The Golden Warriors scored first, putting the ball in the net on a penalty kick in the 17th minute.

Scott scored both Charger goals, one in the 27th minute and one in the 42nd. The first was off a pass from Lexy Gregory and the second off a ball from Seys.

The Chargers outshot the Golden Warriors 6-4. Seys launched two shots and Brooks, Scott, Garrity and Hamilton, one each.

McCunn had one save.

Pulling off steals wwre Scott, Anderson, Garrity and West, two, and Seys, Gregory and Clark, one.

Orion-Sherrard was flagged for 10 fouls and Sterling for four.

O-S 1, IVC 0

After a scoreless first half in the final game with Chillicothe Illinois Valley Central, Orion-Sherrard finally put the ball in the net when Scott booted home the ball in the 30th minute. Fowler had the assist.

Scott took five shots; Seys, four; and Fowler and McCunn, two.

Steals were credited to Garrity, Clark and Scott, two; and Fowler, Brooks, Anderson and Gregory, one.

McCunn had no saves because the Orion-Sherrard defense kept IVC from taking any shots.

Orion-Sherrard had four corner kicks.

The Chargers had two fouls and the Grey Ghosts, one.

Referees caught Orion-Sherrard offsides once.