Your question answered: Are some Ridgewood teams going to 2A?

Sandy Hull
The Ridgewood Spartans combine athletes from Cambridge and AlWood high schools for interscholastic sports.

The question

I understand Ridgewood volleyball and boys basketball have been put into Class 2A for the upcoming season. What does this mean for the Ridgewood program?

The answer

The Illinois High School Association (IHSA) recently made changes to its classification numbers. The IHSA wants to have a certain number of schools in each of the four classes. In boys basketball and girls volleyball, the IHSA wants 5/18 of its member schools to be in Class 1A, 5/18 in 2A, 4/18 in 3A and 4/18 in 4A. In order to make these fractions work, they had to change the enrollment cutoff numbers.      

For volleyball, in order to be in Class 1A, your school's (or coop's) total enrollment had to be 273 or less. 

For boys' basketball, in order to be in Class 1A, the enrollment had to be 274 or less. The total enrollment for AlWood and Cambridge combined is 293 students, thus Ridgewood are now in Class 2A for those two sports only according to Jeff Hannam, one of the Ridgewood athletic directors.

If you wonder why the enrollment classification numbers for each sport are different, it is because not all schools field teams in all sports. 

For example, boys' basketball has 729 schools that participate, while girls' basketball only has 577 schools that participate. That's why the cutoff numbers are different and that's why  girls' basketball didn't change classes.

What this means to you

The new classification will not affect who Ridgewood plays or what conference they are in except during regional action. They will then play larger schools. They will continue to play in the Lincoln Trail Conference and the same schools as before.

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