Geneseo stymies Spartans on the lanes

Chris Steele
Justin Ford releases his ball during Geneseo’s dual against Sycamore at Lee’s Lanes.

The Maple Leafs’ bowling team earned a win over Sycamore and battled Mendota.

Sycamore at Geneseo

The Maple Leafs pounded the Spartans 3529-3368 at Lee’s Lanes on Nov. 29.

Geneseo’s Kyle Cones rolled his way to a team-high three-game series of 621 with a game of 221.

Sebastian Einfeldt wasn’t far behind with a 613 series, and he rolled a 234 game.

Justin Ford finished with a 603 series with a pair of 224 games, and Logan Munoz tallied a 583 series with a 210 game.

The Leafs’ Alex McAvoy finished with a 557 series, and Tyler Durnell finished with a 552 series.

The Geneseo JV team was led by Aidan Grafft’s 494, and Jacob Endress finished with a 486 series.

Ethan Durian tallied a 465 series, and Nathan Johnson added a 430 series.

Ethan Welfer tacked on a 417 series, and Carson McKeag finished with a 381 series.

Geneseo at Mendota

The Maple Leafs fell short against the Trojans 3243-3125 at Mendota Elks Lodge on Dec. 3.

Geneseo’s Ford finished with a team-high 594 with a 209 game, and Cones finished with a 539 series with a 214 game.

Kaden Splear tallied a 535 series, and Durnell finished with a 533 series.

Munoz finished with a 483 series with a 201 game, and Einfeldt finished with a 441 series.

In the JV competition, Geneseo was defeated by Mendota 2174-2082.

Endress led the team with a 469 series, and Johnson finished with a 446 series.

Austin Ettore landed with a 316 series, and Matthew Krohn finished with a 313 series.

Aidan McConville tallied a 271 series, and Riley DeCock finished with a 267 series.

During Geneseo’s JV game against Sterling, the Maple Leafs’ Splear led the team with a 494 series, and Endress finished with a 483 series.

Grafft completed a 470 series, and Jonathan Widger finished with a 458 series.

Welfer tallied a 452 series, and Johnson finished with a 423 series.

The Maple Leafs will host Senior Night on Wednesday, Dec. 11 during a dual against DeKalb with bowling beginning at 4 p.m.