Cones setting the lanes ablaze

Chris Steele
Kyle Cones steps to the lane during Geneseo’s dual against Ottawa at Lee’s Lanes.

The Geneseo bowling team was defeated on the road against Yorkville and competed at Freeport.

Geneseo at Yorkville

The Maple Leafs fell short against the Foxes 3356-3164 at the Yorkville Bowl on Dec. 13.

Geneseo’s Kyle Cones finished with the dual high three-game series 712, eclipsing 700 for the second time in a week.

Cones logged games of 233, 244 and 235.

The Leafs’ Justin Ford rolled a 520 series, and Sebastian Einfeldt finished with a 504 series.

Alex McAvoy wasn’t far back with a 501 series, and Tyler Durnell finished with a 463 series.

Logan Munoz finished with a 461 series.

In the JV competition, Geneseo was toppled 2741-2168.

The Leafs’ Shane Lievens finished with a JV best 413 series, and Ethan Welfer finished runner-up with a 403 series.

Aidan Grafft tallied a 367 series, and Ethan Durian finished with a 361 series.

Andrew Thoene tacked on a 346 series, and Nathan McAvoy finished with a 278 series.

Freeport Tournament

The Maple Leafs’ Cones (1077) earned a 21st place finish individually, and Geneseo finished 15th in the team competition at the Four Seasons Bowling Center on Dec. 15.

Munoz tallied a 967 six-game series, and Alex McAvoy finished with an 898 series.

Einfeldt finished with an 888 series, and Ford landed with an 883 series.

In the JV competition, Geneseo finished sixth and Durnell finished ninth with an 878 series.

The Leafs’ Grafft and Kaden Splear each finished with 837 series.

Jacob Endress tallied a 774 series, and Nathan Johnson finished with a 737 series.